Friday, February 17, 2017

Susan Stephens: February in a sub-tropical climate.

Hello again, and thank you so much for inviting me to be here again, Lee!

As the roof is, quite literally, being taken off my house back home in the UK, I thought it would be a great excuse to get away, so here I am, in one of the places I love best, a tiny Spanish island called La Gomera in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Africa.

I thought this month, instead of talking exclusively about books, I'd share some of the fabulous scenery with you. 

You can see the volcano Teide on the neighbouring island of Tenerife in the shot above

Basically, La Gomera is volcanic rock. Early morning walks are fabulous, if strenuous. Those ravines you can see are called barrancas, and they really are as steep and tricky to navigate as they look. But the weather is usually fabulous, apart from today, when we had a tropical rain storm attempting to take the roof off this house too!

Because the ravines are so steep, the people who live here have developed a whistling language over the centuries in order to communicate with each other without the necessity to climb for miles to stand face to face. The whistling language of La Gomera is now a protected language, and is taught to children in all the local schools.

And yes, I'm finding time to write - firstly,  a new Harlequin Presents set in Italy, due for a Christmas release, which features a prince plucked from the gutter as a child, and a poor girl who has just had the most enormous stroke of luck. I absolutely ❤️ Christmas stories, so this one is really flying.

After that I'll be writing the fourth book in my polo series, Blood and Thunder.

 If you haven't tried this series yet, the first three books have been bestsellers. Maybe because the guys are smoking hot 😉

Anyway, wherever you are, I hope the sun shines on you and those you love, and that you enjoy plenty of good reading in the month ahead.

I look forward to chatting with you again really soon,

With my warmest hugs and good wishes,
Susan xx

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