Friday, February 03, 2017

Megan Ryder: Knights of Passion

I’m so excited to be here this month in the company of so many wonderful authors and readers! Let me start by introducing myself. I’m Megan Ryder and I write sexy contemporary romance for Tule Publishing. My first series is all about a baseball team in Georgia and the people who are associated with them. Why do I say people? Well, unlike most baseball series, not all of the books are about the players!

My first book, Going All The Way, featured a bad boy first baseman, Jason Friar, who needed his very own heroine, Stacia Kendall, to redeem his image, only she ended up completely reforming the bad boy!

My second book, Love from Left Field, was all about the team owner’s daughter, miranda, who desperately wanted her father’s approval and to save the team from her father and a takeover. Only, she was the one who fell for the takeover consultant, Lucas Wainright.

But it’s my third book, The Game Changer, that I want to talk about today. Dylan Prosser is a catcher, totally Type-A, focused on the team and the game and nothing else until a scrawny, abused pit bull comes crawling out of the woods and decides that he’s her new human. Dylan has no time for a dog, or anything else, and tries to dump her at a shelter. Before you start screaming, Savannah Monroe enters the picture, am animal rescue advocate who shames him into the keeping the sweet dog and offers to help take care of the dog. In saving the dog, Dylan is saved and so is Savannah.

The Game Changer comes out February 23 and dogs play a featured role in this book, almost taking over honestly. Check out this little excerpt.

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"I never said thank you or a proper hello." He rasped.
"We do believe in proper hellos in the South. That's just good southern manners." Her words were a mere breath, an exhale, as she stared up at him, anticipation shining in her eyes.
"I might need a few lessons in being a southern gentleman."
"You're making a good start."
She lifted on her toes and pressed her lips to his, wresting control of the moment away from him in that instant. Heat blazed deep inside, arousal flaring from the fire that had only been banked from their kiss two days prior, as if it had only been a couple of hours. His hunger for her had only been hidden, tamped down inside, but now it was an inferno, battering at his senses to get out. Her tongue slipped between his lips and stroked his, teasing him, and lust arrowed straight to his groin. He slid his hands down her back and cupped her ass, pulling her more firmly against his hard length. He lifted her and put her on the counter, settling between her thighs. She locked her ankles behind his back, holding him close and she speared her fingers into his hair, pricking his scalp with her fingernails, dragging them over his skin. He shuddered, his hands flexing hard on her hips.

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