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Marata Eros: Billionaires Guys... that's Right: Rich, Alpha Males with Green Charisma

How'd you like my title? Did I, or didn't I?

Nah, it just might seem like it. Maybe readers would really like to read about two poor people starving together that fall in love (I'm sure there's a boatload of authors who can do that too!). Authors writing about Big Buckaroos have been given a hard time of late because we're all writing about millionaires.

But that's simply not rich enough. Why be constrained by any figure? Billions are not easily quantifiable. A billion bucks is big:

Really? Yeah!
There is something so primal and hot about being in that infinitesimal percentage of peeps who actually fall under that fiscal rarity, that writing about it is intriguing. Just the sheer lack of concern about money as a concept is a perspective shift from our normal mindset that we just have to vicariously know what it'd be like.

THE TOKEN, my newest dark romance series, falls under this. Though my hot dude actually invented something so fundamentally cool and important that he made his money from his innovation. However, it did change him. He meets my heroine and sees something of what he used to hold precious inside her—and he wants it. But she can't be bought.

She wants him for different reasons. And—surprise! It's not his money. Some readers might get angry that we're using the “rich” formula. It works. It's been fun to write it because I'm not, and [most] readers like to read about being rich because they're not either.

What's really cool about this win-win formula? Besides researching amazing transport, loft penthouses and designer clothing (that's the really sucky part, let me tell you), is the woman gets to experience it all. The heroine gets to be treated to the unimaginable... the exquisite. And my heroines are hard-working, smart, disadvantaged and artistically gifted (for the most part).

So here's the run-down on a “formula” with heart: billionaire Alpha hunk with porcupine exterior meets fragile, gifted and underprivileged girl, who has been self-reliant and now has a chance at the reward she always deserved, with the man of her dreams.

Cue the white knight with more muscles than a Spartan, the looks of a Greek god, who possesses the eternal river of money. Toss in danger, intrigue and chemistry that sears our eyes when we read it and—that—is the formula that works. Want a few examples? FIFITY SHADES of GREY and TWILIGHT (though the latter were only millionaires), follow the “formula.”

Some of the above precepts have been used over and over again after these successful publications with new stories and done very well, because this formula is buried inside. Nobody can copy—our voices are too unique. It's actually fun to see all the unique ways authors have repurposed this theme into something different. I have not read many of the “billionaire” reads. I have seen the glut of them in the top 100. As I write this, EX GAMES, an erotic romantic novella trilogy just reached the NYT bestseller list, thanks (in my opinion) to the “softening” of the audience by HM Ward for shorter works. Ward gave us THE ARRANGMENT and with each subsequent installment The Formula was employed, enjoyed and remains successful. Hugely successful. Writers like Cooper and Ward knew that they could release enough of a story sequence, quickly enough, to engage the reader.
And they have.

My first novella serial was 8 volumes deep. Volume one pubbed in September of 2011, with the final installment released in November of 2012. The Druid Series is what gave me the confidence to branch out from my dark paranormal erotics into just “plain” dark romance. I have incorporated some of TF into my own work, but voice, narrative and just regular story telling make it whatever it has become now. These series are organic and morph into something more along the way.

As long as it has our HEA....

What's not to love?


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Marata Eros (a pseudonym for Tamara Rose Blodgett), is the NEW YORK TIMES and USA TODAY bestselling author of dark, romantic new adult novels, including A Terrible Love and its companion novel A Brutal Tenderness. A passionate writer who loves interacting with her readers, Marata lives in South Dakota with her husband. She is currently writing volume six of her serial new adult dark romance, THE TOKEN.


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Lil said...

You know, I remember reading my first romances from Harlequin Presents precisely for the appeal/fantasy of such a situation. Now that I am older, I still find that storyline appealing though I prefer much spicier than what I read when I was younger. You are right, storylines that are tried and true can be kept fresh by author voice.

Mary Preston said...

I do like your title. I think it's fun to read about lives that are always going to be beyond our reach.

Mary Preston said...

Email sent thank you!!