Thursday, December 20, 2007

Giving a gift. . .to myself

I know it’s the season of giving, and I know it’s bad form to buy yourself a gift this close to Christmas, but there was no way I could resist this sizeable and somewhat heavy treasure: a reissue of the 1897 Sears & Roebuck catalogue.

Can you imagine how exciting this is for me? As a writer of historical romance, I’ve spent countless hours researching the cost of goods and services, but now I don’t have to – I have it all right here at my finger tips! Detailed descriptions of everything from Stetsons to Winchesters, saddles to wagons, dry goods, clothing, hardware, and everything in between. It’s all here, and to make it even more exciting, there’s a list of shipping costs!

It’s like I died and went to research heaven.

Treasures like these are not to be ignored and I’m so happy I found it. If Santa leaves naught but coal in my stocking this year, that will be okay because I have this beautiful old book to keep me occupied for a very long time.

Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas, filled with love, happiness, and your own Sears & Roebuck catalogue.



Yvonne Lindsay said...

Laura, that catalogue sounds like fun! Here in NZ we frequently have people rennovating old villas and finding whole newspapers, behind wallpaper, that were used to line the walls when the houses were built. Many people frame them and have them mounted on the wall for visitors to see. I love seeing that slice of the past.

Cherie J said...

Enjoy your Christmas present to yourself. Merry Christmas!

Estella said...

Merry Christmas!!

Wolfy said...

Enjoy your catalogue, I bet there is some real gems in there.

Merry Christmas to you and yours.

Laura Drewry said...

Merry Christmas to all of you, too! :) Yvonne - wouldn't that be fascinating to find old newspapers and such hidden on your walls? I'd love that!

Lois said...

It sounds like a great catalogue. . . I found some older newspapers from the early 80s, and I think I got a bigger kick out of the comics than most of it. LOL Seeing how the old favorites looked once upon a time. :)


Maureen said...

Your book sounds very interesting.

Merry Christmas!

Christina Hollis said...

Laura, have you tried the Lehmann's catalogue? (sorry, I'm not sure of the correct spelling) Although I live in the UK, I used to subscribed to 'Mother Earth News' and Lehmann's adverts about many of their customers arriving by buggy (they have a lot of Amish shoppers) intrigued me. I'm sure many of their items would be helpful for your historical research.

Nathalie said...

Merry Christmas!
It is always nice to reward ourselves!