Friday, December 21, 2007

Author Trivia - Lee Hyat

Can you guess this author?

* She's lived in exciting places like Tokyo, Beverly Hills, New York, and Greenwich.

* Paris felt like home the moment she caught a glimpse of it.

* Her favorite authors include Balzac and Stendhal.

* Art history is one of her passions.

* She co-authored a column for the monthly Hollywood Reporter Magazine.

* She was a contributing writer for Capital Style Magazine.

* She became intrigued with Impressionist Paris during her year of academic research at Christie's.

* She graduated from UCLA.

* She lives New York & Connecticut.

* Her next book, another historical novel, is also set in Paris.

If you can guess her name and then also tell me the title of her current book, please email me at totebag[at] with your answers and be sure to put Author Trivia in the subject heading.

At the end of this month, I'll pick 3 winners from everyone who answers correctly. The prize for each winner is a copy of the book. And everyone's entitled to play - even authors. (You were readers before you were authors so for my contests, it's all fair!)

Please don't post your answers here - it would ruin the fun for eveyrone else. Just email them to me at totebag[at] :)

Good luck!

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