Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Favorite Spot To Read A Romance - Michelle Monkou

As I was riding on the metro train heading for the day job, I opened my current romance novel and settled in for the 20-25 minute commute. Needless to say, there were commuters sitting, standing, talking on their cellphones, talking with each other. Let's just call it like it is - a zoo!
At those moments, I long for a quiet room with a chaise lounge to enjoy my romance book. But in my hectic lifestyle, I can't get picky with my reading settings. Thanks to the authors who hook me from the beginning of their stories, I can block out the pesky distractions. I've even managed to miss my stop because I forgot to look up when the train pulled into my station.

Counting the train as one of my settings, let me run through a couple of my other favorite spots of enjoyment:

Bathtub soak (Honestly, that was in my high school days. Actually, I did manage to read while soaking in the bathtub on a child-free vacation.)

On a rainy day (I love thunderstorms), curled up in bed or on the couch.

Sticking with the bed/couch theme, curled up next to my young teen daughter while she reads her book.

Reading poolside or near a fountain. I think that I've got something for the sound of water.

Sitting on the patio in the backyard when the sun is making its descent.

(And when a book is particularly good) propping it up at the dinner table while eating a huge bowl of cereal (oatmeal in the winter, Rice Krispies any other time).

Share your favorite spots for reading those wonderfully romantic stories.

Michelle Monkou

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Cherie J said...

Anywhere works for me. I will read in the car, only if hubby is driving of course. In the bathroom. By poolside. My favorite spot is on my recliner with my feet propped up.

Maureen said...

We don't have a television in our living room so one of my favorite places to read is on the couch in front of the picture window.

Shelia said...

I can read anywhere. Reading relaxes me. My favorite spot to read however is laying across my bed after a long day, with either music or the TV playing in the background. I also like to read while sitting under the hairdrayer at the beauty shop. It makes the time go by faster and sometimes I'll turn the timer on the dryer back on so I can get to the end of the chapter I'm

Michelle Monkou said...

Today I went to the gym with my brother. I finished first and while waiting for him, I pulled out my book. So I guess, I can add the gym's waiting area.

Love reading in the car. I don't have to see the near-misses of cars and trucks.

The beauty shop definitely requires a book to get through the hours of hair care. I've almost finished many books from the long hours under a dryer.


Nathalie said...

I love to read in my bedroom with complete piece and quiet... it helps get in the book better

Lois said...

I'm usually reading in bed, at home. . . . but I have read on the bus when getting to school, when I was in school, stuff like that. :)


Toni said...

I will read any time any where, I am never with out a book or two. I read on my lunch break, waiting at the doctors or dentist office. I read when flying,riding, even when I'm driving at traffic lights. I read in bed, the bathroom, my favorite place to read is in my computer /library room curled up in my popa-sun chair, with a nice cold glass of wine or pepsie in summer,and a cup of vanilla tea in winter.


Sue A. said...

I'm a night owl so reading in bed works best for me. Absolute silence, no interuptions and the comfort of my surroundings.

Donna Alward said...

This summer we went camping and it was quiet, and gorgeous. One of my fave places to read was on the bunk in the tent trailer. Not fancy, I know, but I laid there and my youngest, who is 7, discovered chapter books and would read with her head resting on my tummy while I dove into a book of my own.

I think there were even times there were three of us on the bunk with books and that got crowded!

ellie said...

I enjoy reading outside on my patio in the garden during the Spring, fall and summer where it is tranquil. During the winter I curl up on a loveseat in my den.