Thursday, August 02, 2007

The Perfect Romantic Setting - Michelle Monkou

I have a voracious appetite when it comes to romance novels. I read just about anything and have a keeper list of my favorite authors that span over thirty years when I started reading in my young teens.

From all those titles, authors have lit my imagination with wonderful romantic settings. I thought it would be nice to share some of those settings and the emotions they evoked. Feel free to jump in with your favorites.

Argentinan horse ranch - ok, you will notice a definite trend toward the cowboy hero.
Australian sheep ranch
Texan cattle ranch

Greek isles - ancient history, beautiful seaside views, perpetually sunny
Coastal Italian towns

British castles - anything royal-related.

Caribbean island - tropical, relaxed, sexy interludes

Now that I've started the discussion on the important stuff, let me close with who I am :-)

I'm Michelle Monkou an author of eight and counting novels. I'm new to the blog and looking forward to meeting many of you. I write under Harlequin's Kimani imprint where my third book - Straight To The Heart - will be released in September; 4 stars from RT Bookclub.

Looking foward to hearing about your favorite romantic settings.

Michelle Monkou


maria said...

I'm right there with you on the Greek Isles and the Caribbean being wonderfully sexy locations. I'll also add:

Hawaii - on a beautiful beach watching the sunset with my honey has always been a fantasy.

Egypt - don't know why but there's something about pyramids and the desert that has always seemed sexy to me!


Michelle Monkou said...


How could I forget Hawaii and Egypt? But I'll trump Hawaii with Tahiti. I remember those novels set on a polynesian island that sounded like a wonderful paradise.

And Egypt - yes another ode to ancient civilizations.


Shelia said...

Michelle, the Caribbean Islands is one of my top locations. Paradise Island, Bahamas is my favorite spot.

I would also add South Beach Miami or on the west coast - Catalina Islands.

I love cruises and you can always find something romantic to do on a cruise.

Michelle Monkou said...


I did have my honeymoon on a cruise through the Caribbean, so I managed to get two settings for the price of one. LOL


Shelia said...

lol Michelle.

Cherie J said...

Welcome Michelle! Some of my favorite settings take place in Louisiana, in the bayous and in New Orleans.

Lois said...

Alas, I tend to read mostly books that take place in either England or the US, but we know those places can be kind of sexy, with a little help. . . LOL But my vision of one would be a nice snowy day/night with a log cabin or something, with it nice and quiet. :)


Kammie said...

Welcome Michelle! I have a keeper list that covers ten years. I got a late start to romance reading but I plan to catch up by reading tons of books. lol

Some of my favorite settings are Scotland, Ireland and Venice. I like the tropical beach settings, too.

Michelle Monkou said...


Log cabin on a snowy day is definitely romantic. Fireplace, lost of snacks and comfort food, and a beautiful hunk of man next to me (of course I'm talking about hubby - in case he's reading this LOL).


Michelle Monkou said...


Interesting, I never thought about the bayou. I was introduced to that setting through Anne Rice's books. Seems great for supernatural tones. What are some books that feature the bayou in a romantic setting?


Michelle Monkou said...


Scotland and Ireland have wonderful landscapes for romantic settings. Venice, I'm on the fence because I saw how crowded the place is now and the problems with the water because of the boats. But I wouldn't mind taking a trip to personally check it out. LOL


Anonymous said...

i've never been anywhere exciting like you gals but maybe one day I can go to ireland *sigh*

Michelle Monkou said...


That's the great thing about these romance novels. The authors paint such a wonderful setting for these stories that you feel as if you have been transported. When I'm into the book and I'm a silent observer in a Regency ball or on a pirate ship, or on a cattle ranch, that story earns a special place in my heart.


Unknown said...

I agree about Hawaii being a wonderful romantic location. However, you haven't experienced anything until you have been to Lizard Island, which is part of the Great Barrier Reef Islands of Australia. I would describe it as a real life "Fantasy Island". It's so secluded and private you have a beach all to yourself, crystal clear blue water and so romantic for whatever your heart desires. Sigh...I need a vacation.

Michelle Monkou said...

Lizard Island - Place sounds fab, but I'm afraid that I'm going to see lots of lizards. I'm into wildlife up to a point. But my 20th anniversary is coming up in a few years - maybe Lizard Island will be the place for me. :-)


Michele L. said...

Anywhere in the tropics would be romantic to me! I have always wanted to go to Bermuda. The pictures look so beautiful! The water so blue!

Venice is another place that sounds so wonderful to experience. The old buildings, the canals, food, and atmosphere are just so romantic!

Although, I love a romantic dinner for two at an awesome restaurant with my hubby is so romantic as well!


Nathalie said...

I really like it when it is in a Chateau in Italy... really romantic!

Michelle Monkou said...

Nathalie and Michele

Anywhere in Italy's countryside would be wonderful. A friend of mine went to a wedding that was held in a Chateau in Tuscany. Can you just imagine that backdrop. Beautiful!