Thursday, March 20, 2014

The OUTLANDER Craze - You In?

Back in 1991, while I was busy with a new baby, Diana Gabaldon published her first novel - OUTLANDER. I'd only recently returned to reading romance (during that pregnancy!) and ignored it because it was written in the first-person perspective. I've always found books written that way difficult to enjoy or read. So, I was happily reading lots of historical romances by Julie Garwood and Johanna Lindsey and many others even while I kept hearing about OUTLANDER. 

It took more than a year of buzz about it before I gave it a try - and I fell into this story about a woman who travels back in time to 18th century Scotland and her struggles to survive and adapt in that time period...with the help of an extraordinary younger man named Jamie Fraser. By the end of it, I was well-and-truly hooked and waited for each next book in the series - not patiently nor well since it took quite a while for Diana to write each one. 

Now, fast forward through more than 20 years to media and romance readers all over the place are buzzing about the tv series adaptation of OUTLANDER coming this summer. After years of speculating and 'casting' the series in case it was made into a movie or tv show, the casting is set - and I have to say - their choices are spectacular! Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe are perfect for the roles! And Tobias Menzies (who I've watched in many roles) has the dubious honor of playing the dual role of Frank Randall and Black Jack Randall....can't wait to see that! 

So - take a look: (this one is my favorite so far because you can hear Sam's wonderful voice and accent): 
 Visit here to learn some Gaelic phrases and words!

  I confess - I am falling in love...with Jamie Fraser...and can't wait for late Summer 2014 to get here. To make my wait a bit easier, I've made myself a Pocket Jamie.... Starz gave them out at a couple of fan events (already!) and you can print and cut them out yourself if you want one... He'll stay on my desk, serving as inspiration to me....

 But today, he came out to lunch with me and my friends and made quite an appearance! LOL! You can get your own Jamie here.

So - how about you? Have you read the series? Heard about the tv show coming in the summer? Plan to read it?  Or just like hot, Scottish highlanders in kilts with fabulous accents? (it's okay to be shallow....!)

 Speaking of shallow....isn't that <<<>>>

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Barb114 said...

Funny I had Outlander on my shelf for 15 years before I picked it up to read it. I think it was the length that kept me way as most books I read are 300-400 pages not 900-1,000 pages long! Well once I started reading it in summer 2012 I couldn't stop and read all seven books in one summer and have been a fan ever since. I had breakfast with pocket Jamie this morning I love hot Scots btw too! The kilt, accent, big sword, the entire package! LoL :)

Eileen Emerson said...

I fell in love with the books (and Jamie!!) when I was still in grad school. A lovely manager at my favorite bookstore saw me perusing the romance shelves and she raced up, grabbed a copy of Outlander and pushed it into my hands. Her words of praise for the story and writing were almost inarticulate because she was so incredibly effusive about it all, but I understood that kind of mania and quickly hightailed it to check-out with this heavy book in my possession. Several pounds of Gabaldon tales later, I'm still a huge fan. I don't yet have a pocket Jamie, but I'm sure my husband will understand once I do. Right? RIGHT?!

Susan F. said...

I first read Outlander sometime in the 90s also and have been addicted ever since. I love a well researched historical and Diana's are incredible. Every time I read one I am completely sucked into the story. I even got my dad hooked on them and he had read all the current books before he passed earlier this year.

I'm lucky enough to have snagged my own kilt-wearing man and he is taking me to Scotland this summer. I can't wait to check out some of the places I've only read about so far!

I love reading all the Outlander posts on the various Outlander pages and seeing the pictures that are posted from the filming. I've put a "Heughan's Heulighans" on my wishlist for my birthday too :-)

L.L. Muir said...

Oh, I'm in baby. All the way. These books are the reason I changed from screenwriting to romance novelist. She couldn't write them fast enough, so I had to write my own while I waited!

kipha said...

Oh gosh, I should start on my e-copy of the Outlander then shouldn't I? But I too am so looking forward to this!!!

Mary Preston said...

I have decided I need a Jamie for my desk.

girlygirlhoosier52 said...

Been a fan for years.... my paperback copy of Outlander is from 86 & yellowed!!