Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Shiloh Walker: Ten Reasons to try my book

My newest FBI Psychic story is due out on 3/11/2014.  Lee invited me to guest blog and here I am with a list on why I think people should give THE INNOCENT a shot.

  1. You won’t get lost. I write them to stand alone so even if you haven’t read any of the books in the series, you can jump in and swim along just fine.
  2. You can meet a frustrated virgin. You see, Jay doesn’t like her current…state, but she has this unique ability—she picks up on thoughts and emotions when she comes in physical contact with things or people, and nothing kills the mood like man, are her boobs real?
  3. You can meet Linc, the hero, a hot and sexy piece of work.  Bald, goatee, muscled.  Former sheriff with an ax to grind.
  4. You can take a trip to Hell.  Well, the fictional Hell.  Hell, Georgia.  Where I set the book. I like making towns up
  5. Reading it would cost less than going to a movie.  Plus, you can read it again if you liked it.
  6. If you read it, you’ll get to meet ‘Robyn’, the woman who bid on the chance to name a character in one of my books in the 2013 Brenda Novak Auction…I’m also donating another chance, this time in one of my J.C. Daniels books.  Who knows, I might even kill the winner this time.  Fictionally, of course.
  7. You can see if there was anything in this book that made me cry.
  8. You can find out how that tricky ‘touch’ thing with Jay is handled
  9. You can also see what happens when unwanted touches occur
  10. Last but not least, if you read it, it will make me smile. 
Jay seemed to come alive under his hands and, if he hadn't caught her hands, if he hadn't slowed her down, he suspected she might have tried to pull him to her right there, with the counter against her hips and his jeans still around his ass.
If he were smart, he'd just stop this.
But for the first time in two months, there was something else in his head besides the grief and the ache and the misery. For one night, he could let that go, couldn't he?
Tomorrow was time enough to go back to tearing this town apart, searching for answers.
Her fingers, cool as silk, closed around his cock and he groaned as she worked his jeans down with her free hand. "Slow down, darlin'," he muttered, capturing her wrists and drawing them back. "Slow down."
"I don't want slow."
He laughed hoarsely. "Slow isn't going to happen. But we can do better than this."
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