Monday, March 11, 2013


Unlike my internet and phone service, sadly.

One of the things I love about blogging is having conversations with the people who comment. Sadly today, with the best will in the world, I won't be able to be here. No phone service until late March! Grrrr! Luckily my local library (which isn't terribly local, unfortunately) has internet available but it's a fairly limited option.

But hey, let's forget the bad stuff! I've got a new release to celebrate!


As I write this, I don't have an Amazon link but I can tell you that it's $1.99 and available worldwide.

This story is an extended version of "The Chinese Bed" which was published in June last year in THE MAMMOTH BOOK OF GHOST ROMANCE. I always thought the story would benefit from a little more length to give the characters some extra room to breathe. The result is THESE HAUNTED HEARTS.

Here's the blurb:

On one fateful wedding day at Marston Hall in 1818, four linked destinies hover in the balance.

Josiah Aston, Earl of Stansfield, wakes to discover he's seventy years dead and he alone can free his beloved wife Isabella's tormented soul. But first he must convince her to trust him against all the evidence…

Lady Isabella Verney, beautiful and tempestuous, married the man of her dreams, only to die violently on her wedding day. Every clue points to Josiah as the murderer…

Is true love strong enough to defeat ancient malevolence forever?

Miles Hartley, Viscount Kendall, is society's ideal catch, but what does that matter if he can't convince Calista Aston that he loves her? When an age-old curse strikes, only by proving himself worthy of her faith can he save their happiness…

Lady Calista Aston, noted bluestocking, fears she loves Miles Hartley not wisely, but too well. On her wedding day, her doubts place her at evil's mercy. When death and disaster loom, is it courage or mad folly to believe that Miles loves her in spite of all her faults?

On one fateful wedding day at Marston Hall in 1818, will the lovers emerge triumphant or will darkness conquer all?
You can read an excerpt here:

The difficulties caused by no telecommunications has made me think of what I LOVE about living in the 21st century. The internet. Modern medicine. Music when I want it. Richard Armitage. What are your three favorite things about living in the modern age?


Linda Henderson said...

I don't know how people managed in the old days. I enjoy my internet, microwave and satellite tv. When any of those are down, I'm lost.

Pat Cochran said...

No way I would want to be without 21st
century medicine, my microwave & Crock
Pots, and most especially the internet! Congratulations on the release of These
Haunted Hearts!

Pat C.

Barbara E. said...

1. I'd starve without my microwave.
2. Cell phones - no matter where you are, you're connected, which comes in handy when your car breaks down or you're lying injured somewhere, etc.
3. Internet - I can get information instantly, on my computer or on the go with my smart phone.

Mary Kirkland said...

I'd never want to live back then or try to live the way they did. The things I cannot live without are..
Grocery stores- I don't want to have to kill my own chicken or bake my own bread with out a bread machine.

Indoor plumbing-I lived in West virginia for a year and friends had out houses..not a pleasant experience.

Modern Medicine- Just thinking about having a baby without an epidural or hospital makes me cringe.

Mary Preston said...

Electricity - pretty much everything needs power.

I agree about the medicine. 2 years ago I had an operation & just the mere thought of being without a top surgeon, anesthetic etc is terrifying.

I could live off the land, but I would prefer not to have to go & hit a cow over the head.

Connie said...

Good medical care!

Internet and cell phones

Sanitary living conditions and food

Di said...

Plumbing, Grocery stores & electricity. Would really miss them.

PrincessFiona01 said...

Sanitation - Can't live without my water closet.
Caesarean section - Before they mastered this I would have been dead.
Internet - the ability to find kindred spirits anywhere in the world.

Anna Campbell said...

Thanks so much to everyone who swung by! Clearly my internet activities are cursed in March - These Haunted Hearts has faced some major formatting challenges and is not yet live although there are strong rumours of resurrection within the next few days! Love reading your comments on what you couldn't do without. I'm with you guys!