Thursday, March 07, 2013

The 3 Ws of Being an Author by Jessica Lemmon

Wonder, Wait, and Write.

Or should that be Write, Wait, Wonder?

Either way, I think those three words sum up the life of an author. No matter what kind of author you are, your life will involve a whole lot of each of those.

Writers write. Could there be a more obvious (and sometimes frustrating) statement? It’s like the great mystery of weight loss. When someone tells you to: Eat Less, Move More, you feel sorta duped. Shouldn’t it be more complicated than that?

So…what are writers writing? It could be the latest novel or it could be a blog post. Guest (like this one) or your own. I love blogging. Posting on my blog is a satisfying way to self-publish instantly. And my blog doubles as a journal. I can see just where I was at any moment in my life by looking back at those posts.

Ah, the waiting. When I submitted books as an unpublished writer, the waiting was agonizing. That’s how I managed to have seven books under my belt in two years. I had to do something other than twiddle my thumbs while waiting to hear back from publishers! Rejections came, but they came slowly. Like, to the tune of 8-12 mos. later. :-(

But then you get the magical “call” and the wait is finally over!


Publishing is a slow business. Even after those books are sold, your busy-busy-busy times will be bookmarked by times of WAITING. And waiting some more. Waiting to see what the sales numbers are, waiting for reviews to roll in, waiting to hear back on your next manuscript.

Tom Petty said it best: The waiting is the hardest part. It’s also the part that never stops. :-P

This one, in my opinion, is harder than waiting! Being a fiction writer, I can concoct all sorts of scenarios that have no basis in reality. Depending on the day (or the hour or the moment) I could be speculating that I am awesome…or that my writing smells a lot like the kitchen trashcan at the end of the week.

But wondering is also a necessary part of the process.

In case you’re worried that the waiting and wondering may eat you alive, fear not! There is a cure for the dreaded wait and wonder.

Guess what it is?

C’mon. You know.



An all-business billionaire. A sweet, sexy assistant. What could possibly go wrong?

"A smashing debut! Charming, sexy, and brimming with wit--you'll be adding Jessica Lemmon to your bookshelves for years to come!" (USA Today bestselling author Heidi Betts )

Jessica will be giving away two (2) copies of her fun, sexy debut novel Tempting the Billionaire to two lucky commenters! To enter, simply answer this question: Do you think the writing, waiting, or wondering is the hardest part? Why?

***Jessica's winners are Joye and Lory Lee! Please email with your mailing information. Thanks!***


Lory Lee said...

Waiting and wondering both come together. For instance, I got feeling that this guy likes me, but he still doesn't make a move. It sucks waiting for him to do the first move, can't help but wonder if he really likes me? T_T But writing for me is easy, it's like a therapy. I often write in my blog, it's the place where I can write anything I want without thinking of what others will say. :D

Susan Falkler said...

I think waiting is the hardest part. I'm an instant gratification type of person

Pat Cochran said...

The waiting would be the hardest part
for me. The wondering and writing are
all in your head and hands. The wait-
ing is totally out of your control!

Pat C.

erin said...

the waiting! I'm not known fro my patience :) Thanks for the fun post and congrats on the new release!

Mary Kirkland said...

I think the writing is the hardest part. I write articles about small animal care and some times I cannot come up with an idea for a new article.

Di said...

Waiting is the hardest part, especially if your not keeping busy - you start second guessing what you did, wondering if there is something else you should be doing ... basically just driving yourself, and maybe those around you, crazy!
sallans d at yahoo dot com

Mary Preston said...

Who'd be a writer? I would be a nervous wreck. It all sounds like a lot of pressure to put on oneself.

Eli Yanti said...

writing and waiting are hardest thing for me because i can't write and i hate waiting

joye said...

I think the writing would be the hardest. i think writing as a profession would be a very stressful job, at least for me. Any job where it would depend on the public for approval would really stress me out.
Congratulations on your debut book.

Cathy P said...

I think that waiting is the hardest part. You can't help but wonder if and when something will happen, and it can take a long time.


Laurie G said...

I know that writing isn't always smooth going and you're constantly sifting through new ideas about what to right about next. However, I believe the waiting, the thinking about whether or not what you wrote,loved and sweat over appeals to others would keep me up at night!

Shannon Bereza said...

For me I have to say that it's the wondering. I have had dreams of writing a book since forever ago, but life sort of got in the way. I wonder if I would have started writing before real life got in the way if I would be published or successful. I have so many ideas but not enough time to get them out. I have goals set so that eventually I will be published, but then again I wonder if that's possible. S I don't know about the people who are already published or are authors what the hardest part for them is, but for me it's the wondering. Until I join their ranks someday, I will wonder about the future and possibilities and continue avidly reading to be inspired by so many others success in the writing world. sbereza22(at)gmail(dot)com

Linda Henderson said...

Well I'm not a writer but I've found in the past when I've applied for jobs the waiting is the hardest for me. I always wonder, am I good enough for this job, did I talk too much in the interview, am I what they are looking for, things like that. So to me, the waiting is the worst.

Laurie G said...

OOPS write

johns lake at usa dot com

Jessica Lemmon said...

Hi Lory! Blogging is the BEST. It's a great way to get into a habit of putting your thoughts down, for sure. :)

Jessica Lemmon said...


Jessica Lemmon said...

Thanks, Erin!

Jessica Lemmon said...

I went to school for small animal care. Yep, had a pet Chinchilla once, too. :)

Jessica Lemmon said...

Yep, like suddenly, all those words you loved went "bad" once you stopped looking at them! lol

Jessica Lemmon said...

Thank you, Joye. It's different from anything I've ever attempted, that's for sure! But in a good way. I love it!