Saturday, February 09, 2013

The promise of pampering - Kandy Shepherd

What’s your idea of an indulgent treat? When my daughter graduated high school two years ago, I promised her a visit to a day spa. Last week, we finally got there. Two hours of unmitigated bliss in a peaceful, soothing, Balinese-style retreat smack in the centre of the city.

We each chose the “inner-peace blend” of rose, ylang-ylang and sandalwood for our aromatherapy body massage and scrub. This was followed by a gentle facial from our skilled and charming beauty therapists. Not only did my skin feel wonderful afterward, so did my psyche. As a writer, I spend most of my day at a computer and hold my stress in my shoulders—there’s nothing like massage to release that stress.

We were reluctant to leave this lovely treatment area!
My daughter truly deserved her treat; I truly deserved mine. So why did I feel a little guilty explaining where we’d been in the middle of a working day? Even though it was at a bargain price using a coupon offer?

Such a peaceful atmosphere reminiscent of  Bali and Thailand

 “Pamper yourself”, “indulge yourself”, “put yourself first”—I seem to see that advice everywhere. And boy, would I love to do more of it! So much of our lives seems to be devoted to putting our loved ones first. But it makes absolute sense that we should look after ourselves, because if we we’re not on top form how can we look after others? I’m sure my recent pampering session did my blood pressure more good than any medication.

So why don’t I indulge more often? First, money; second, money; and third, time!

I hope the time before my next spa session won’t be measured in years. But in the meantime, I realize there are simpler, less-expensive treats that give my spirits a lift.

Of course chocolate has to come first! I’m talking good-quality chocolate in quantities that won’t send the scales soaring. Dark chocolate is said to be best for you in terms of mood lifting, but milk chocolate is my favorite.

What an indulgence!
Luxurious scented soaps and body washes that turn the everyday shower into a treat. I’m an inveterate bargain hunter and stock up at outlets and online.

I have no idea what Indian Pomelo smells like, but I'm looking forward to finding out!

Shopping. Uninterrupted shopping time where I can wander around a mall, and look at exactly what I want without having to worry about anyone else whining about hunger, sore feet or boredom. If I return home without buying a thing, that’s okay. Although the exhilarating outcome is a little money spent on a big bargain. And the good news is, I’ve just discovered that mall-walking is considered a legitimate form of exercise!

Of course I dream of luxury resorts with lagoon-style pools and trips to exotic destinations but sometime the little treats can be just the thing to set the day right.

What about you? What are your favorite indulgences? How do you treat yourself? I’d love to hear!

Kandy Shepherd writes fun, feel-good fiction. Her books include Something About Joe, Love is a Four-Legged Word and Home Is Where the Bark Is and The Castaway Bride—her heroines love using scented bath products that imbue them with a special scent that tantalizes the heroes!

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(For Australian readers, the spa we visited was the wonderful Cendana Spa in the Grace Hotel, Sydney.)


Kaelee said...

I love bubble baths, dark chocolate and calamari. Not all at the same time. I also buy myself flowering plants and fresh fruit. Right at the moment I have three phalaenopsis orchids on my dining room table ~ they bring sunshine into my life during our long winter.

Lory Lee said...

Need all of those specially those chocolates! :D

Pat Cochran said...

One of my favorite pampering sessions has
me curled up in a corner of "my big comfy
couch." I'm surrounded by lots of pillows
and books and a pot of tea! For me, that is
true indulgence!

Pat C.

Anonymous said...

I agree Kandy, we shouldn't feel guilty when we indulge(look after/think of) ourselves :)
Although I do love my chocky fix, I have 2 other indulgences that come straight to mind....

There's always the secret delight of going into an Art/Craft OR Book Store and being able to buy all those things/books you want (but not always need) :)

And then there is saving long and working hard for the trips of a lifetime where you walk old cobble stone roads, wander through a 12th Century Abby's Grave yard and paying a fortune to enjoy a wonderful meal/show in the dining hall of a 2000 year old Castle AND NOT FEEL ONE OUNCE OF GUILT FOR ANY OF IT :)

Anne said...

Kandy, nice blog. I love good quality, delicious smelling soaps, too. Craft classes are another indulgent treat — I only do one or two a year, but when I do, it's always such fun. And when I finish a book i nearly always go to the hairdresser, and really I'm not sure whether that's because it;s a treat or whether i really need to, having been in the deadline cave for a month. LOL.

Kandy Shepherd said...

Flowering plants inside? Especially in winter? Kaelee, I think that is the most perfect indulgence!

Kandy Shepherd said...

Funny how the chocolate tops the list, isn't it, Lory Lee!

Kandy Shepherd said...

Pat, that sounds utterly blissful! What a treat to have time for reading, a good book to start and a comfortable spot to curl up in.

Kandy Shepherd said...

I love your indulgences, Maryde. Isn't it true that a treat is something we don't need, but want! And to be able to enjoy it--like your wonderful trip--without guilt, is really the key!

Kandy Shepherd said...

A craft class, Anne? Great idea. I'd like to master embroidery but have only been to one class. More classes on the list wish for the future!
Of course the ultimate treat is a new book from a favorite author. On my birthday list for later in this month is your new release, THE AUTUMN BRIDE. If someone doesn't give it to me, I'll definitely be buying it myself! It sounds like the start of a wonderful new series.

Mary Preston said...

I'm also a lover of delicious soaps. Friends & family know this so I get quite an assortment as gifts. My linen cupboard & lingerie drawer smell divine.

Annie West said...

Kandy, your blog made me smile. Sometimes it's so hard to treat ourselves, isn't it, not just because of the money, but as you say, the time. I often feel I should be doing something else. There's a huge list of other things I need to do. I enjoy all the treats you've listed. I suppose my all time treat is a chunk of time alone to read a darned good book. I think that's my fave of all!

Kandy Shepherd said...

Those lovely soaps do add a wonderful scent to linen and lingerie, don't they Mary? I do that, too.

Kandy Shepherd said...

Agree, Annie, just to be able to read uninterrupted is a fabulous treat! (And I do like nibbling on chocolate at the same time!)