Friday, February 22, 2013

Opal Carew: Sexapalooza

Hi.  I must apologize because I really haven’t had time to write something wonderful and entertaining this month.  So far this year, I’ve had non-stop releases with my serial novel, His to Command, starting on January 8th, and releasing one part per week after that, then Northern Heat, an anthology of Canadian erotic romance stories, Valentine’s Day.  Next Tuesday, my novel Illicit comes out.

So the most entertaining thing to tell you about is the Sexapalooza show that I’ll be at this weekend in Ottawa.  The first year it opened 5 years ago, more than 15,000 people attended over the three days.  According to their website, “Sexapalooza is a fun, upscale adult consumer show and shopping experience that has been growing and expanding for the past 5 years. The show offers a safe yet titillating unique environment dedicated to entertaining and educating you on all aspects of sex and sexuality. Enjoy fantastic stage shows and learn new “how-to” sex tips at our seminars given by professionals in the adult industry.”

I’ve had a booth at the show since they started.  I enjoy taking a break and wandering around to see what the other exhibitors have to offer.  The first thing I always notice is the sea of… um… fake male organs.  It’s amazing how many shapes, sizes, and types of materials are available.  Latex and silicon, sure, but also glass and crystal.  And chocolate!  There are also a myriad of other interesting toys, accessories, devices, manuals, et cetera.  If you’re looking for ideas on how to furnish and accessorize your dungeon, this is the place to be.  Or maybe you want to try out a sex swing.  You can hop on and give it a try.

Booths with lingerie and leather, including sexy high-heeled boots abound.  There’s also fun and flashy  jewelry, and makeup.  One year, I bought some nice nail polish called Flame Opal and another called Wildfire Opal!  (Both very appropriate, given my name!)  There are even gorgeous feather fans , the kind exotic dancers use.  I love those! 

The stage shows include belly dancers, fan dancers, and pole dancers.  Many include audience participation, like the fake orgasm contest.  And then there are the great demonstrations.  I found the one for the bondage sheets quite amusing.  You can check out the pictures on my website.  (

So that’s where I’ll be from Friday to Sunday to promote my upcoming book, Illicit.

It promises to be an interesting few days.

Contemporary Erotic Romance
February 26, 2013
St. Martin's Griffin
ISBN-13: 978-0312674625
When Lindsay receives an invitation in the mail to live out her most illicit fantasies, she thinks it’s her best friend playing a joke. Little does Lindsay know, the invitation is from someone else. Someone who knows of her deepest desires…and intends to fulfill them.
Erik was the one who sent Lindsay the invitation—and the one who orchestrates a steamy weekend getaway to explore her most decadent desires. From their first night together, there is an inexplicably deep connection between them, and with Lindsay in his arms, he feels both thrilled and unnerved. The truth is, he’s hiding a deep hurt, and as Lindsay brings his fantasies to life, he’s unwilling to let her go. But can he tell her how he knows her deepest fantasies, and will stay with him if she learns the truth?
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Mary Ann Milkowski said...

I love the covers of your books

Pat Cochran said...

Sounds like a most interesting show that
you will be attending this weekend! Do
they give out samples of the various pro-
ducts? Just askin'! LOL

Pat C.