Saturday, February 23, 2013

Linda O. Johnston: Second Month of the Year Means Two Books!

Hi.  I’m Linda O. Johnston, and I’m delighted to be guest blogging on Author Sound Relations.

It’s a good month for me to be blogging--and a busy one.  Two books of mine, both in series, have been published this month!

First, let me say that I sometimes kill people for a living.  Fictionally, of course.  I also save animals, both fictionally and in real life since I volunteer at a private pet shelter.

That’s the background of my Pet Rescue Mystery Series for Berkley Prime Crime, which is a spinoff from my Kendra Ballantyne, Pet-Sitter Mystery Series.

This month, my fourth Pet Rescue Mystery, OODLES OF POODLES, has had its premiere.  OODLES OF POODLES takes place in the film industry.  It’s sort of a story within a story, since it’s about a movie being filmed about rescued poodles, starring--you’ve got it!--rescued poodles!  My cozy mystery protagonist Lauren Vancouver, chief administrator of the wonderful HotRescues animal shelter in L.A.’s San Fernando Valley, gets involved because of those cherished and adorable poodles and because the HotRescues benefactor one of the film’s co-producers.  Lauren visits the film sets often to observe how the dogs are being treated.  One night the director, who had been endangering the poodles during the filming, is run over by a car.  Murdered.  The chief suspect is Lauren’s good friend, veterinarian and TV personality Dr. Carlie Stellan.  Of course Lauren has to find the real murderer and solve the crime to help Carlie... and the dogs.

Coincidentally, in this second month of the year, my fourth paranormal romance in the Alpha Force miniseries I write for Harlequin Nocturne, UNDERCOVER WOLF, has been published.  Alpha Force is a covert military unit of shapeshifters.  In UNDERCOVER WOLF, the hero Quinn is a shapeshifter and the heroine Kristine is a shapeshifter’s aide, both members of Alpha Force.  When Quinn’s brother and new sister-in-law disappear on their honeymoon, Quinn and Kristine go off together to find them--going undercover as newlyweds themselves.  You can see where that could lead to some interesting attraction between them.

Does it surprise you that I’m an animal lover?  Even my paranormal romances contain animals--well, people who shift into animal form, mostly wolves.  I also write for Harlequin Romantic Suspense and enjoy it--but no animals appear in those stories... at least not yet.

In any event, I again appreciate blogging here on Author Sound Relations.  It’s fun to talk about my new releases... and about animals. 

Do you like reading about animals?  What’s your favorite pet--and have you seen anyone like it in a book?

I’ll be giving away a copy of OODLES OF POODLES to someone who comments here, either about your pets or about my writing!

***Linda's winner is Debby!  Please email with your mailing information.***


Lory Lee said...

Yes, I lalalalovee animals. I both like cats and dogs, it's just that cats has this natural way of charming human beings :D. My cat sleeps beside me and yes, I think I read a book that was so like my cat. I just forgot the title though.

Debby said...

I love reading about pets. I like both dogs and cats but I do have a cat. Though I have had dogs but my daughter is allergic to dogs.
debby236 at gmail dot com

petite said...

I have two adorable and small dogs. A Maltese, named Guido who is sweet as can be and a mix, Bogie, whom we rescued who is smart, sensitive and energetic. They are both characters and wonderful company.

traveler said...

Dogs have always added so much to my life and well being. These wise canines are such an important ingredient in making life happy and fulfilling. I have a devoted mix whose eyes are always following me and is so attached and loyal.

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Linda O. Johnston said...

A snuggly cat. How adorable, Lory Lee!

Linda O. Johnston said...

Both your dogs sound wonderful, petite!

Linda O. Johnston said...

I agree that dogs do wonderful things in our lives, traveler. Your dog sounds really sweet.

Martha Lawson said...

First off, Love your books!! I have 2 "puppies", they are both close to 9 yrs. old and will only respond to their names or "puppies". They don't know they are way past the puppy stage, my husband has a Jack Russel mix and I have a 77 lb. mixed breed. They both sleep with me at night until hubby comes home from work. Love my "puppies"!!

Linda O. Johnston said...

Thanks, Martha! I call my girls puppies, too, even though one is 5 and the other is almost 10. Yours sound really lovable.

Eli Yanti said...

I like fish and bird

erin said...

Thanks for the fun post :) I love reading about pets... dogs in particular. I'm a doggy mom of 3 (not intentional but still fun... I have small, medium and large) and they are sooo spoiled :) I talk about my "babies" all the time and people get confused b/c I don't always mention that they're dogs. My avatar is my youngest, Sammie, a beagle/pointer mix.

Pat Cochran said...

Love your title and yes, I do enjoy
reading about animals. We had a big
orange tabby cat for some 9 or 10
years, but he has been gone for some
time. We do have 3 granddogs (all
Great Danes) and 1 fat grandcat!

Pat C.

Mary Preston said...

Two books in the one month is very impressive. Looking at both your books, I am not at all surprised that you are an animal lover.

Linda O. Johnston said...

You might enjoy my Kendra Ballantyne, Pet-Sitter Mysteries, Eli, since they often involve pets other than dogs and cats.

Linda O. Johnston said...

My pups are my babies, too, Erin, so I get it!

Linda O. Johnston said...

Your grandbaby pets sound like fun, Pat.

Linda O. Johnston said...

Thanks, Mary. Yep, I adore animals!