Sunday, February 24, 2013

Kieran Kramer: Why I Write

Hi, wonderful readers!

Oftentimes, readers ask me why I write, so today, I’d love to answer that question. Meanwhile, at the end of my post, I’ve got details about a giveaway on my blog that I’d love to share with you, as well. If you like Kindle Fires or Coach bags—and if you love a sexy, light Regency romp, which describes my newest release, THE EARL IS MINE—then be sure to check out

Do I write my stories for fame?

No. Although being number six of seven children born in nine years, I got lost in the shuffle sometimes. I was lucky to grow up in a loving family, but if there was a way to stand out, we took it. I think there’s a little bit of that kid still inside me who likes knowing I’ve made Mom and Dad proud. But I don’t feel the need to be in the spotlight with the rest of the world. I’d love my stories to be there, of course! And I love to meet readers at conferences and book signings! :>)

Do I write for the money?

Heck, no! A lot of people think all authors must be rich. Nope. After taxes and my agent’s portion are taken out, most of my book money I put toward my kids’ college tuition (my first two kids were born 16 months apart), and the rest I plow back into my career. I learned that from Debbie Macomber. I’d love to sell millions of books; I’m always open to that sort of success. But as for the money, it’s not why I do what I do. When you grow up in the country—five of those years in a trailer--you realize you don’t need much by way of material things to be happy. Dogs and cats, a pretty sunset, and the love of your family and friends, is what you need.

Then why do I write?

I write because it’s in my blood, like a song.  Writing for me is a celebration.

I’m celebrating people.

Everyone has a story to tell—everyone. I want to celebrate people’s bravery. Showing courage always brings something good into our lives, even if we don’t get the outcome we thought we wanted. I want to celebrate hope, too. We must never relinquish it. Life grows parched and dull without it, like a flower that needs watering.

And in my books, I’m celebrating relationships. Going on around us every day are millions of little love stories, most of them invisible to the world but oh-so-important to the people living those relationships.

And so in my books, I’m celebrating love. I want to help spread the word that true love is possible. Not only is it possible, it’s already all around us, not just in romantic relationships, but in sister, brother, friend, parent-child, and even stranger-to-stranger relationships.

That’s what my stories are about at their essence. They’re about how love changes everything. It can take the most hopeless, dreary situation and scrub it bright and brand-new...

What a powerful thing love is! There’s nothing more powerful on this earth.

And that’s why I write. Because I crave joy--joy borne of love. I’m addicted to it. It’s my reason for being. And so I’ll shove everything aside in my quest for it. Which is why you caught me writing an unusual blog post today. As bleak February wears on and spring is yet to appear, I like to remind myself of that spark in my heart, the one that makes me look out my little house window in my small corner of the world right now and remember that I’m not alone, that we’re all in this together.

We’re love-seekers. And we’ll stop at nothing to find it.

So that’s why I write!

I hope you’ll enjoy Gregory and Pippa’s story in THE EARL IS MINE, which comes out February 26th.  And don’t forget--if you’d like to enter my Kindle Fire or Coach bag giveaway contest, please stop by

Thanks so much, dear readers, and have a wonderful spring!


Kieran :>)

Double Rita®-finalist and USA Today bestseller Kieran Kramer writes Regency historical romances for St. Martin’s Press. THE EARL IS MINE, the second in her House of Brady series, is her latest release. SAY YES TO THE DUKE premiers in August 2013. A former CIA employee, journalist, and English teacher, Kieran’s also a game show veteran, karaoke enthusiast, and general adventurer.  She lives where she grew up--in the Lowcountry of South Carolina--with her Naval Reserve commander husband and their three children.


Quilt Lady said...

Great post and let me tell you I love this cover, very eye catching.

Maria said...

Beautiful post! I, too, write (non-fiction blog posts) but am trying to write stories now. Very hard as I don't feel at all creative. Even though my husband says I constantly make up hypothetical scenarios...:)

Pat Cochran said...

Great post! Thanks for the grand giveaway!

Pat C.