Thursday, April 12, 2012

My Hero Nora Roberts by Debra Mullins

I read today that Nora Roberts is releasing her 200th novel this month. I’ve been reading her all my life, and I actually own original copies of her books, including the first one, Irish Thoroughbred. She is truly one of my all-time favorite authors, both as Nora and as her alter ego J.D. Robb.

While she’s known for her wonderful contemporary romances and gritty Eve Dallas murder mysteries, did you know she also wrote two historicals? One is Rebellion, Harlequin Historical #4, which is a story about the MacGregors. And the other is Harlequin Historical #21, Lawless, a Western historical.

Lawless was a first published in May 1989, and for me it has set a standard for Western historicals. When I closed the book, I truly felt as if it had all the elements to make the perfect Western: a half-Apache gunslinging hero, a spunky heroine from back east who proves her mettle as she tries to learn about the late father she never knew, Indian attacks, a mean-spirited madam, a gold mine, the works.

To add to the fun, Nora Roberts referenced Lawless in a couple of her other books. In Loving Jack (Silhouette Special Edition #499), the heroine Jack (short for Jacqueline) is housesitting while writing the novel that is Lawless. In The Last Honest Woman (Silhouette Special Edition #451), the first of the O’Hurley series, Abby’s children mention how much they enjoy one of their Aunt Chantel’s early movies—Lawless.
Another tidbit of trivia about The Last Honest Woman—Nora Roberts herself posed for the cover!
Every time I sit down to write a book, I try to create something special, like Nora has. Every writer I know wants to be as prolific as Nora Roberts. Imagine—two hundred books in just over thirty years, and every single one of them is good. She is truly a master storyteller, and I can’t wait to see what she does next.
One thing Nora does well is connected books about families. I’ve followed in her footsteps with my Calhoun sisters series: Donovan’s Bed and The Lawman’s Surrender.  Both these Western historicals have recently been re-released in digital format from Samhain Retro Romance. Donovan’s Bed, nominated for a RITA award back in its day, came out in February and tells the story of Sarah Calhoun and Jack Donovan. The Lawman’s Surrender follows this month with the adventures of Susannah Calhoun and U.S. Marshal Jedidiah Brown.

When Susannah is arrested for the murder of the brother of  a U.S. Senator, the congressman demands she be transferred to Denver to stand trial. A U.S. Marshal is summoned to escort her. That marshal is Jedidiah Brown, a man with whom she once shared a flirtation and a kiss before Jedidiah left town without a word. She never forgave him, and he never forgot her. But now he’s her only chance to escape the lynch mob pursuing her in their race to find the witness who can prove her innocence before time runs out and she has to face the judge in Denver. You can check out an excerpt at

Are you a fan of Nora Roberts? What is your favorite Nora or J.D. Robb book? One commenter will win a copy of The Lawman’s Surrender (ebook or paperback).

***Debra's winner is Leni! Leni, please email me at with your mailing info.  Thank you!***


Jen B. said...

I have never read a Nora Roberts book. I have a few in Mount TBR but they never seem to make it to the top. jepebATverizonDOTnet

Debra Mullins said...

My absolute favorite is BORN IN FIRE. Love that book!

erin said...

Thanks for a great post and giveaway! Grrrr... I can't pick just one! I do have to say that I really liked The Garden Trilogy.

Shelley B said...

OMG! I loved Lawless! I read it when it first came out. I had it too, but moving several times, it was sold in a yardsale. I wish I could find it again! Memories!

Chrisbails said...

Loved the Bride Quartet. Loved Vision in White. These are the only books that I have read by Nora. She is a recently found author for me. Definately will be checking some others out.
Thanks for the giveaway.

Leni said...

I love Nora's books. The Chesapeake Bay Series is one of my favorites. I started out with Chesapeake Blue and went back to start reading the series in order.
It's the strong characters, humor, drama and strong family ties that I love.

Carole said...

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Carol L. said...

I have always loved Nora Robert's books. Especially her In Death series under JD Robb. Who doesn't love Roarke. But as for my favorite Nora book I'd say the one that started it all. The Three Sister's trilogy. Then the Irish trilogy and so many more. Thanks for this giveaway opportunity. I can't believe I've never read these books you've mentioned. Lawless sounds like my next Nora read. lol
Carol L.
Lucky4750 (at) aol (dot) com

marybelle said...

So hard to choose just one, but I do love the IN THE GARDEN TRILOGY.

Eli Yanti said...

love nora's book and i really love "opposite attactive"