Friday, November 26, 2010

Eat, Shop, Read - Laura Griffin

Greetings to you on Black Friday!

If you’re reading this, you probably either a) decided not to wake up before dawn to get trampled in a mad dash for discount electronics or b) crushed the competition, snapped up the goods already, and headed home for a round of turkey leftovers and Internet surfing.

Well, either way, I’m glad you’re here because I can tell you about my new romantic suspense novel, Unforgivable, which comes out Tuesday. It’s the third book in my award-winning Tracers series, and I’ve been thrilled with the early reviews:

"The science is fascinating, the sex is sizzling, and the story is top-notch, making this clever, breakneck tale hard to put down." –Publishers Weekly

Unforgivable is the story of Mia Voss. As a DNA tracer at a high-tech crime lab, Mia has made it her mission to help put away vicious criminal. When she suddenly becomes the target of one, she must turn to jaded homicide detective Ric Santos for help. Ric and Mia have a history together, which makes her wary of trusting him. But as the case becomes more complex and the danger escalates, Mia and Ric must overcome their personal issues in order to stop a ruthless killer.

People often ask me if it’s necessary to read the Tracers books in order, and I tell them not to worry about it. The characters overlap, but each suspense plot stands on its own, so feel free to dive right in! To read an excerpt of Unforgivable, visit And just in case you didn’t trample someone and score some cool electronics to give your relatives this holiday, be sure to stop by my contest page, where I’m giving away a free iPod nano.

Happy holidays and happy reading!

Laura Griffin


Mary said...

No black friday shopping for me, I hate crowds and I have all my shopping done allready.

I'll have to check out your books, I haven't read them and they sound amazing.

desere_steenberg said...

Thank you for the stunning contest Laura !!! Have a great day

Michele L. said...

I went to a store on Thanksgiving day that was having a great sale. I got my first digital camera for 75% off. I got the camera, 2 memory cards and batteries with a battery charger for $92.00. I was so happy! That is one of my Christmas presents to my hubby and me.