Monday, January 25, 2010

New Year Resolutions - Helen Bianchin

My sincere thanks to Lee for asking me to blog.
Although it's almost the end of January, I thought I'd write about my take on New Year Resolutions.
They don't work! At least not in my neck of the woods, they don't. I try. I really do.

The writing resolutions
Around November (usually when I'm hard-pressed to meet current deadline), I vow next year is going to be different.
Yessiree. I've already purchased next year's writing calendar (9"x9") featuring a different rose for every month. Very pretty.
It holds so much promise, all shiny and new (my gorgeous Birman cat has yet to gnaw the edges in), to sit on my desk.
I even take time to mark the calendar up for next year's writing projects. Thinking time, synopsis, first chapter, draft scenes, daily progress, weekly progress. OK, add it all up ... Four months should do it. I've even factored in two extra weeks to take care of any unforeseen hiccups. Plus two weeks between finishing one book and beginning the next. Piece of cake, right?

No, actually. Somewhere between organizing the writing calendar and my estimated deadline, real life happens. And believe me, allowing two weeks for unforeseen hiccups is not enough! Most authors write in their home. There's usually a room designated as a home office. With computer, printer, phone, answering machine, fax machine, copying machine, scanner. Bookcases, credenzas, filing cabinets. It looks as if work gets done in there. There's even a clutter of paperwork and notes to prove it.

The other resolutions
Maintain a healthy lifestyle, eat well, exercise. Yes, well, I do try, most of the time. This one gets a tick .... Maybe a small tick. There's that packet of chocolate biscuits in the fridge, plus those yummy Lindt chocolates ... One a day is OK (please say yes!)

Be kind to my family. Really, I am. Ask any of them. I'm happy to hunt and gather food, prepare cook and serve same for the Italian-style family dinners we host at home on a regular basis (there are fourteen of us). Be on call to mind their children during school holidays when needed. Care for their pets when they go on holiday.

Factor in "me" time to lunch or share a movie with a friend. Another tick ... "me" time is important in which to relax, enjoy, and also it comes under the heading of "research". After all, what romance writer hasn't caught a glimpse of a gorgeous guy driving a fabulous car ...who would make a perfect hero for the next work-in-progress. Wonder if he's Greek, Italian, Spanish ... Spanish sounds good, perhaps I'll call him Raoul. Or Rafael. Mental note to write this down.

Take a holiday ... This one gets a tick occasionally. Refer to writing resolutions, then move on to paragraph two and three of other resolutions.

I'd love to hear others resolutions ... Both ideal and realistic. There is a difference! And for those of you who meet your resolutions, please tell me how you do it!.

Take care, everyone, and all the best in health, happiness and success for the current year.


Estella said...

I don't make resolutions----they always fall by the wayside within the first couple of months.

Rebekah E. said...

I don't make resolutions either. I tend to only do them for a couple of weeks to months and then stop.

Linda Henderson said...

I refuse to make them anymore, too upsetting when I don't keep them. I love your books by the way. They are all on my keeper shelves.

Helen Bianchin said...

Hi Estella, Rebekha E, and Linda,
Thank you for posting your opinions. This makes it pretty conclusive re not making resolutions!

Linda, thank you for your kind words about my books. You've made my day.

All the best for 2010 ... with or without resolutions!


Michele L. said...

Hi Helen,

Sometimes I make resolutions and sometimes I don't. My most popular resolution is exercising. I do really good when the weather gets warmer. I guess the best way to keep a resolution is to make it a daily habit. Write it down if it might be something you could forget to do. Just be true to yourself and do the best you can!

denise said...

Enjoy our post. My resolution is to live a healthy lifestyle this year which includes EXERCISE!!

Helen Bianchin said...

Hi Michelle,
Love your wisdom - "just be true to yourself and do the best you can"
is a stand alone resolution that encompasses everything.

All the best

Helen Bianchin said...

Hi Denise,
Thanks for your comment - it's a good one!

All the best