Monday, June 30, 2008

Why Not? ~~ Nancy Haddock

Cowabunga! Hello, and cyber welcome to the “old coast” of sunny northeast Florida!

First, many thanks to Leena Hyat for not only inviting me here, but for rescheduling me. Yep, a cyber black hole ate communications, and I missed my original blog date. Argh! I hate to be late for anything – never mind missing an appointment entirely! – but Leena was gracious and understanding, and I appreciated her all the more.

Soooo, belatedly but with joy, I’m here today to answer some of the questions I get, both from readers and fellow writers. (Not to mention my mother!)

Why did I create a Gidget with fangs, a surfing vampire in my debut book La Vida Vampire?

Why did I kill off the werecreatures?

Why did I make vamps a protected species?

And, perhaps the biggest question: Why did I write a vampire book at all, especially when the market seems saturated with them?

The answer to “why a vampire book” is easy. The idea of a Princess Vampire character grabbed me and wouldn’t let go. Nope, not even after the fabulous Mary Janice Davidson’s first Bitsy novel was published and I got my hot little hands on it.

Here was a vampire book packed with humor – something I loved, and knew that my story would also hold. Yet I also knew my main character was a different breed. Cesca was made vampire of the past rather than the present, but one who’d been out of circulation and would need to catch up with the modern world. Cesca is old in a world new to her, and her wonders of discovery ranged from shopping, to surfing, to the discovery of herself.

As for “why a surfing vampire,” that was Cesca’s idea. She reminded me that she had been a rather rebellious young woman for her time, and athletic to boot. She escaped to the beaches of Anastasia Island as a human to frolic in the surf and simply to enjoy the peace. Since she’s a part day-walker, she insisted I let her learn to surf. My answer to that logic? Why not?

“Why Not” can be as important to a writer as playing “What If.” Why not have vamps declared a protected species and create a Vampire Protection Agency? Why not “tag” them in a similar way we tag other endangered and protected species to keep track of them? Why not kill off the werecreatures and have only magical shifters instead? Throw in a wizened wizard as the “father” of the shifters – why not?

This is not to say that I don’t like werewolves … or werelions, weretigers, werebears. Oh, my, no! I love ‘em! In fact, who’s to say a formerly secluded enclave of weres that escaped extermination won’t show up in Cesca’s world? I guarantee other magical and preternatural characters will make an appearance. When, where and how?

I don’t know, but then not knowing is one of the delights of writing fiction – particularly of writing in the paranormal genre. When you build your world, the most amazing surprises can happen!

Is there a surprising or unexpected event that’s happened – or a character who showed up -- in a book you wrote / read? Please share! Inquiring minds, you know!



Margaret Cloud said...

I enjoyed reading your blog on Vampires, I once upon a time was thinking of writing. Did you design the cover to your book? Keep writing and God Bless.

Nancy said...

Hi Margaret!

Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment!

I didn't have a thing to do with the cover design, but I thought Berkley rocked it. They totally nailed Cesca, and I couldn't have been happier!

Have a super week, and think about taking up pen - er, keyboard - again. You'll have writers to cheer you on!


Nancy said...

By the way, Margaret, Leena let me know that Blogger is messing with the colors on the cover right now. To see a better image (if you like), you can go to my web site -


Donnell said...

Nancy,Your rave reviews, your humorous take on life, I'm so pleased for your success. Now if Cesca could hop off her surf board and with her vampire powers grant me another 24 hours in the day I would love it! I love the quirky slant you gave to the myriad vampire stories out there! Great job!

Chiron said...

The idea of a surfing vampire just boggles the mind! *laughs*

What a delightful spin. Write ON!

Um, CAN vampires grant extra hours in the day? Too cool! *wink*


Lisa Marie Wilkinson said...

I love vampire stories, so please keep them coming!

Lisa Marie

Pat Cochran said...

I enjoy the unexpected appearance of
characters in novels because I know
that they will probably be "starring"
in their own books soon!

Pat Cochran

Nancy said...

Donnell, hi!

Thank you for your lovely compliments! I'm so glad you like the departure from the vampire norm!

You kow, Cesca has all sorts of powers yet to be discovered. If she can grant more time, consider it done!

Have a fab week, dear heart, and thank you for stopping in to comment!


Nancy said...

Chiron, what a gorgeous name!

Thank you for stopping by and commenting! If Cesca gets the more-hours-in-a-day power, I'll have her sprinkle the dust on you, too!

Happy Week!


Nancy said...

Lisa Marie, hi!

I'll do my level best to keep the vampire stories coming - and I hope you enjoy all the authors you read, no matter what all they may write!

Thank you for taking you time to pop in today, and have a natural high of a week!


Nancy said...

Hi Pat!

You're right! Those unexpected characters often get their starring roles - and they generate more surprises!

Thank you for stopping by today, Pat! Oh, and if you pop back in, give us a line with your latest book title. I enjoy sharing the spotlight!


Nancy said...

We're fixin' to get smacked by a giant thunderstorm, so I'm laying low for a while. Be back soon!


Estella said...

I love the idea of a surfing vampire! Quite a different premise.

Nancy said...

Estella, hi!

Thanks for stopping by to comment!

The surfing vampire was fun for all kinds of reasons. It also handed me the Gidget with Fangs tag on a silver surfboard. (I wish I could say I'm promo savvy enough to have planned that. On the other hand, maybe Cesca knows more about promo than do!)

Have a fantastic week!


chris k said...

Hi Nancy-

I'm actually out of the country in sunny Bogota- lol. But finally found a few minutes to
stop by.

BOY do I have characters crawl out of the woodwork!! lol.

In my first book, the heroine was returning home to see her estranged father of 16 years.
All of a sudden I'm scribbling along - and holy cow- she's got a wicked step mother! lol-
I had so much fun writing her!!

in my next book I'd determined my hero would be a lawyer for the other side. Except when I started to write the story, my heroine is at her desk getting the bad news via phone, tells the inconsequential person- "sure I remember you, scotch neat and you wear a mean lampshade"- then it hit me- oh my- he's my hero!! lol. And such a nice hero too!! lol.

the book I'm writing now my heroine suffers from nightmares and really should see a therapist. I was struggling with how to fit one into the story when all of a sudden I'm writing a little transition piece to keep the reader busy while the hero did something else and the next thing I know there's this 97 year old storytelling lady taking over the
chapter - oh she's been a hoot. I just learned the other day her father used to train
horses!! lol.

I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with next and of course, the title.

take care

Nancy said...

Hi Chris!

I love the examples you gave of the unexpected showing up in your work! "Scotch neat" and Wears a Mean Lampshade sounds like a fun hero!

Thank you for taking the time to stop in - and from Bogota! - and have a wonderful week!