Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Hooray For The Holidays...Or Bah Humbug!!!

My emotions swing from one extreme to the next during the holiday season.

In one sense, I'm excited to spend the upcoming holidays with my family. I have relatives coming from New Zealand and England. We will have traditional meals from Guyana and England, and depending on the weather, have some food from the grill.

Late in the afternoons, the board games will be pulled out and madness will ensue over Monopoly. I've never seen so much negotiating and other crazy business deals go on over property. I stay far away.

And yet, this make my holiday experience even more special in a house filled with people, food, and lots of laughter.

Then there is the hectic scene at malls that I can't stand. Even if I'm going in a store for an item of necessity and not a gift, I have to deal with harried shoppers. And that frenzied behavior isn't only at the mall, it creeps into my house. A thorough housecleaning seems to be in order for some reason. I would like to follow one of those home designing shows and pull everything out of the house into the front lawn...or maybe the back, so that I don't horrify the neighbors.

But I would have no desire to pull any items back into my house. Hmmm. Sounds like a post-holiday shopping spree to me!

Yet at some point, you have to say - enough is enough! That's when I grab a romance book, find a quiet corner and take a breather.

Share your favorite holiday experiences or even if you have a rant to share. In keeping with the season, I wish you all a peaceful and safe holiday.

Michelle Monkou


Estella said...

I get in to the malls and out as fast as I can this time of year. My shopping(except for groceries) is finished.

Maureen said...

It can be tough this time of year to deal with the crowds and traffic but when I'm sitting down to Christmas dinner or we're opening presents then it will be worth the trouble.

Cryna said...

I hate going near the malls at this time of year. I try to do it as little as possible, and if I have to go then as early in the morning as I can so that I can get in and out fast.

I love the decorations at this time of the year and the pretty lights, but I have not put out a lot of things since I am by myself.

Kate Walker said...

Thank you Michelle - I found my winners.

And I'm like you - loving some bits of the holiday celebrations and not others. Family and friends visiting - sharing - oh yes! Hectic malls - no way. Here in the UK Boxing Day is usually the day when the men in my life (husband & son) are in front of the TV with the sport - and I get to sit in peace and quiet in the other room with a book. It's one of my favourite moments

I hope you have a wonderful holiday.

tam said...

I don't like a crowded store when I go shopping, so I like going early in the morning. This year I'm giving gift cards and letting everyone do their own shopping. No fighting crowds this year.