Monday, May 03, 2021

My Month of May by Susan Sands

My birthday, Mother's Day, and my 32nd anniversary are all in the month of May. This sounds like a merry month, right? But it's the same as having one's birthday on Christmas day, pretty much. Everything happens as if it's only one thing. Nothing extra. My birthday often coincides with the same weekend as my birthday, so it shares a meal, gift, and celebration. Yes, first-world problems, I know.

My daughter and my oldest son and his girlfriend over the weekend from Charlotte, NC. We attended a fun Kentucky Derby party in our local downtown. We all ended up getting new sunglasses for my birthday. 

I'm looking toward May as my month of great weather, new beginnings for some publishing stuff (will let you know), and lots of writing. May really is my favorite time of year because it's so filled with the promise of summer, but not nearly over yet. Everything fun is still coming up.

I finally cleaned the pollen from my deck and furniture and got all my outdoor cooking gear ready to go. It's my go-to way to spend some time outside at the end of the day. The birds must agree with the promise of May as well because they are singing loudly out there all day right now. There are also books to read in my pile...

My pent-up need to go out and breathe fresh air and feel the sunshine on my skin is great this year. The community pool is already open to the residents in our neighborhood. A great excuse to wear my new sunglasses, yes?

Have a fantastic month of May!


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dstoutholcomb said...

Happy Birthday, Happy Mother's Day, and Happy Anniversary!

(my mom's birthday is May 13th, and it's my parents' anniversary--every five years, it falls on Mother's Day)