Wednesday, May 13, 2020

I Wish I Wrote...

My daughter said that she was loving Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist. So, I tried it out (it's on NBC and Hulu) and...I love it. I mean I really love it. I just watched Episode 9. Not just loved it, I wish I wrote it. Sigh.

When I started writing, I wrote romantic comedy. And even at my most zany, I tried to find the heart of the story. People living in my comedies never found their situations funny. Whether they're worrying about going to jail and getting a tattoo (where do you put your prison tattoo that won't wrinkle?) or worrying whether a kiss is a kiss or just mouth-to-mouth, the obstacle was real to them. LOL

 On the surface,  a girl who can hear people singing their heart-truth (her term) sounds silly. But there're so many deeper undercurrents to Zoey's EP. Today's episode dealt with a hearing-impaired character who was struggling to proclaim her independence.

It really hit me.

And I for a moment I wondered why it hit me so hard. I mulled it over and  I realized I wrote that character in A Special Kind of Different's Colm. I've built a career around characters who have a challenge and overcome it. Sometimes a special need, but mainly just life. Originally I helped them meet that challenge through comedy. I've taught a lot of classes on writing comedy and the point I always come back to is comedy and drama are two sides of the same coin. The same situation can be written either way. When I moved on from writing straight up comedy, that relationship between comedy and drama became a balance in my writing. I love when someone tells me a book made them laugh...and cry. (That sounds so mean. LOL)

Writing characters who overcome fascinates me. I think that the gift writing has given me is realizing we all come with challenges. Sometimes those challenges are visible and easy to see, but everyone has something. Fictional and real people. (To be honest, they're all real to me.) And watching them work so hard to overcome their obstacles...that's what keeps me coming back to writing, day after day, year after year.

Check out Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist, and check out my Hometown Heart series. Hopefully both will make you laugh...and maybe cry a bit (no meanness intended LOL).


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Liz Flaherty said...

I am loving Colm. So much sweetness there.

HollyJacobs said...

Liz, That made my day! I truly loved Colm as well. He's one of those characters who took up permanent residence. I'll confess, most of them do! LOL