Monday, September 02, 2019

Meet the Neighbors by Susan Sands

If you've read any of my blogging in the last six months or so, you'll remember that we moved into
a new townhome neighborhood. Because it was dead winter and too cold to really venture out for several months (for me), I didn't meet many new neighbors here. I'm a weird blend of introvert and curious neighbor and don't typically seek out a social life with my neighbors now that my kids are grown. I was part of a long-standing bunco group in my last neighborhood, so I had lots of friends there, but here, not so much.

I go to the mailbox, smile, and say hello. But this summer, my husband and I got into the habit of going to the community's pool on the weekends. So, we've slowly begun to meet some of the folks we now live amongst. I have to say, it's an interesting group.

The guy next door is a gastroenterologist and plays the banjo (not well) on his back deck. I know his profession, not because he told us, but because the guy on the other side of him told us. He knows this, not because the good doctor told him, but because that guy is an attorney and does background checks on all his neighbors. You know, because you gotta know who you share walls with. They are super nice though, and we found out that his wife is the daughter of a golfing buddy of my husband.

There are a handful of women at the pool who are readers and always show up with a new book. It's been fun to discuss what we are reading from our floats and loungers. The group also consists of single career women, a woman veterinarian, several empty nesters like us, and younger couples who are at the beginning of their professional careers. So far, I'm the only author in the group that I'm aware of, but writers don't always show themselves right away.

It's been fun to slowly make my way into the community. I hear there are some pretty interesting parties, but I'll settle for a little pool socializing for now. And learning second-hand about my neighbors from my other neighbors...LOL!

I wish everyone in the path of Hurricane Dorian the best. Coming from Louisiana, I'm glued to the coverage. If they tell you to get out, get out!

Have a great Labor Day!


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dstoutholcomb said...

Sounds like it's been fun to finally meet the neighbors.

We live on a small court of six single-family homes. When we first moved here, all the neighbors got along and had parties, etc... Several have moved away, divorced, etc... I've never met the new neighbors. In fact, one family moved in/out without having met us. I met his mother, and he had to deal with FedEx for keeping one of my packages. Oy. We wave to the others, but everyone seems to live in their own world and we just all give a nod and wave now and then.