Thursday, March 08, 2018

Inspiring images — Kandy Shepherd

Back in the day, I used to prepare a scrapbook style story board for each of my stories. They would be filled with cuttings from magazines and catalogues, key words, even scraps of fabric. The boards were a bit messy and cumbersome and my skills with glue and sticky tape left much to be desired—bits and pieces were always falling off!

Then along came Pinterest! What a joy to make a digital scrapbook for each story. Inspiration for every aspect of my book at the click of the keyboard—hero, heroine, their clothes, their jewellery, their rooms, house, places they travel. I became a big fan. Some might say an addict!

First I start with inspiration for the hero and heroine. What an excuse to trawl through photos of gorgeous males! 

The joys of research!

Equally fun to find my perfect heroine. Even more fun the clothes she wears. As many of my books for Harlequin Romance feature a wedding, I have a page just for beautiful wedding ideas, including spectacular gowns.

For my latest book STRANDED WITH HER GREEK TYCOON, I researched inspiration for the hero Cristos: Greek, exceptionally handsome, tall and dark (of course!) with the kind of looks that made him an international model. After much pleasant browsing, I settled on French model Nicolas Simoes.

 For petite, blonde heroine Hayley, I went no further than lovely actress Michelle Williams. Then there was the blue coat Hayley wore—I found one that was just what I imagined. And her wedding dress of course!

Michelle Williams - inspiration for my heroine Hayley
 The story is set in the Ionian islands in northern Greece. I’ve been there in summer—my research showed my what the islands look like covered in snow in the  winter.

Of course as the writing of the book progresses, the hero and heroine become people in their own right (in my imagination, that is!) and very soon they are uniquely themselves, and perhaps different from the images that inspired me.

Here’s a screenshot of my Pinterest board for Stranded with Her Greek Tycoon. 

Why not hop over to the site and see it in more detail. If you’ve read the book, I wonder if it differs from the image you have in your mind of the characters and the settings!

 Do you use Pinterest for inspiration (I also have boards for home and garden!) Do you scrapbook? I'd love to see your comments.

Kandy Shepherd’s Stranded with Her Greek Tycoon is a February 2018 release from Harlequin Romance in North America; Mills& Boon True Love in the UK; and Mills & Boon Forever Romance in Australia and New Zealand. 

The model on the covers of the UK and Australian editions is just how I imagined Cristos—and not dissimilar to the images I collected on my board!


Kandy Shepherd is a multi-published, award-winning author of contemporary romance and women’s fiction. She lives on a small farm in the Blue Mountains near Sydney, Australia, with her family and a menagerie of four-legged friends.

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Photos of male model and Michelle Williams from Deposit Photos.


Liz Fielding said...

Gorgeous, Kandy. I love using Pinterest, too. I particularly love looking for the shoes my heroines wear. :)

Laney4 said...

I'm not a writer, but I DO scrapbook old-school-style. MUCH easier to share with others, and I find people LOVE going through others' albums. Women love looking at how our clothes styles have changed; men love seeing all their old cars.

I'm not on Pinterest. I find I'm on the computer too much just blogging (but I can't say no), so no Tweeting, no FB'g, nadda. I share my cell with my husband and don't have a plan; we pay as we go so only $6-$10/month as a rule. Yup, definitely old school here!

BTW, nice screen shot! I smiled when I saw all the icons on the bottom; I have four icons on mine. I find that after 50 or so years of age, I'm always trying to "cut back" (but not with food as much as I should, LOL). SO MUCH STUFF goes in our annual yard sales, I have thousands of emails in my Delete section, and yet if you asked ANY of my friends, they'd say I'm a hoarder simply because my house isn't minimalistic. It's funny how people claim to be minimalistic, but who do you think they see/call when they need something this very minute? Yup, me. I have Band-Aids in my wallet, Tylenol and Motrin in my gym bag and purse, coupons for when out and about unexpectedly, etc., and I wouldn't have it any other way....

dstoutholcomb said...

I used to scrapbook. I just pinterest now.

love your pinterest storyboard