Saturday, March 31, 2018

In Like a Lion, Out Like a. . . Lion?

It's that old adage that is espoused every year at this time - March roars in  like a lion and goes out like a lamb. Well, I'm guessing no one told Mother Nature about this because this month has been the craziest for those of us in the Northeast. Four....count 'em....four Nor'easters formed and stormed up the Atlantic coast bringing strong winds, heavy rain then snows, flooding, icing and other assorted weather conditions. Almost like clockwork, they formed and moved each week, usually on Monday or Tuesday, all through March. Last week - during our heaviest snow event -- even Jim Cantore of the Weather channel was in my area - and you know that means it was bad around here! LOL!

Thank goodness, March ends today and we can be done with those!

Holy April Fools joke, Batman! Another storm is on its way tomorrow into Monday (and vague rumors of another next week)!! Don't misunderstand - I'm the one who loves snow and snowstorms. I love watching it the quiet and the muted the way the white stuff covers everything making it look pristine.

I love sitting at my desk with that view next to me.

But I know I'm crazy and everyone else I know was soooo over snow by the second storm. 

I think I'm the only one who also likes winter in general. I love cold weather and the lack of the allergens that will fill our air soon, making it impossible to breathe or stop sneezing.  I like feeling the need to put on a coat and gloves....and love it when it's cold enough for a hat or ear muffs. As I said, I know I'm the crazy one in this!

Don't lose hope yet if you don't like winter and wintry weather -- Spring has been making valiant efforts to break through. My crocuses and daffodils have been up for almost a month. The trees are budding and I've seen robins around here for weeks. Our temperatures have already reached the 70s several times and the smell of Spring is in the air now.

Maybe that's why I enjoy March? There is a possibility of all sorts of weather all month long - and snow can sneak in and brighten me up any time. Sigh....

So, how about you? Yearning for Spring or still wishing for Winter? Are you more of a hot weather Summer person? Or do you like the mix of Fall? What's your favorite kind of weather or season of the year? Post a comment or photo to share yours and I'll pick one person who comments who will receive one of my books and a wee giftie! 

I'm very excited to announce that CLAIMING HIS HIGHLAND BRIDE will be available in retail stores in a special edition in July! I hope you'll look for it and support our Harlequin Historical line in print!


Mary Preston said...

I rather like autumn. The warm days and cool nights are just ideal.

traveler said...

A delightful and informative post which I enjoyed greatly. Summer has always been my favorite season. I love the sunshine,the heat which is soothing, long days and tranquil, balmy evenings filled with summer sounds of crickets and birds. The walks which give me so much pleasure and if lucky, a short holiday at a beach.

petite said...

My favorite season which I look forward to and is the best here is Fall. The heat from summer is under control and the temps are perfect for walks, sitting outside in the backyard and reading and relaxing. The skies are blue and delightful walking weather.

Eileen A-W said...

I'm yearning for consistent weather instead of all these ups and down. I love cool weather the best, but the temp depends on the season.

dstoutholcomb said...

I love autumn.

The crazy snow somehow missed us this morning--we just received rain. It's still in the 30s. March was awful with 4 nor'easters in 3 weeks.


Gigi Hicks said...

I love the summer and hot weather. Born, raised, and I still live in South Georgia I don't mix well with the the cold. The older I get the more my bones and joints ache and yearn for the warm and hot of summertime. Plus, summertime means fresh veggies grown in my back yard.

Karin in CA said...

I live in central CA now, where winter is just icy cold winds. For a while I was in New England, and I ADORED the fall! So many harvest festivals and apple everything!

Lauri eGommermann said...

I like temps in the low 80's with low humidity. Luckily I'm able to enjoy winter and spring in Florida and summer and fall in Wisconsin. I get a bit of all 4 seasons without the painful extremes.

joye said...

I am so glad Spring is here in the desert of Arizona. The wild flowers are brightening up the desert and the mesquite trees are a bright yellow. The weather is a balmy 85-90 degrees