Friday, May 12, 2017

One of those days - with Kate Walker

The glamorous life of a lady novelist . . . 

So I had one thing to do today – to write a post for the Tote Bags blog and post it . . .

And then the rest of the day was clear – to write my latest book.  Great! Just what I needed. And just what the book needed – it has been rather neglected of late because I was away celebrating  my birthday with a wonderful group of friends in a cottage in Derbyshire.

So -  I get up, make coffee – let the cats in . .  .  Ruby the black and white cat runs in happily, looking for food.

Oh – oh – Charlie the Maine Coon obviously has a problem.  He comes in slowly and awkwardly, hobbling and limping on his back leg.  So today I have to
Phone the vet
Take Charlie to the vet
Get his medication
Get his medication into him ( this requires two people, a large towel, several treats and a nasty set of scratches to my hands)

I now need Elastoplast – no Elastoplast

A trip to the chemist to get Elastoplast . . . right, now I can write the  post for Tote Bags . . . Switch on the computer.  Plan to check emails first . . .

The computer is not happy – error message – blue screen.  The password for this account is incorrect.   No it isn’t!  It is incorrect says the computer.  Again and again and again . . .

Send for computer repair guy who luckily can come at short notice. Wait while he sorts out computer/password/email mess-up. . .

Husband needs feeding. I need  something for the headache that is now pounding at my head.
We don’t have something for a headache. I need to go to the chemist for something for the headache. 

  While I am out the parcel I was waiting in for (supposedly while writing my post for Tote Bags)  has ‘attempted to deliver’  - and taken back to the depot as I was not in. I need this package today .  Make a journey to the depot to collect it.  Come home to find another parcel (from a different depot) has  not been delivered  because it does not have eno
ugh postage on it. I need this one too  . . .go to another depot and pay postage only to find it’s not the  package I was expecting after all.

Return home. Charlie needs a second dose of medicine. Another towel, more treats, more scratches.
Now I can write a post for Tote Bags. Sit down at the computer to find that all memory of the post I was going to write has disappeared from my brain and the headache tablets aren’t helping.

This time last week I was in this lovely cottage in the countryside, 
surrounded by bluebell woods, celebrating with those special friends –  I really wish I was back there!

So, just to brighten my day with memories –   I thought I’d share with you some photos of last weekend  and the really very special cake that my friends made for me.  I’m going to cut myself a large slice of that cake, make a mug of tea and  post this.  Not what I planned to write but at least I’ll have ticked off on thing from my 
To Do List’ – the one that didn’t include take the cat to the vets, give the cat his medication,  get the computer repair man in, make several trips to different delivery depots . . .

And then I’ll hope to have some time to get back to work on the latest book. 

Have  a great weekend – I hope yours is as good as last week was for me.

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beautiful cake