Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Di Marcello's Secret Son by Rachael Thomas

The Secret Billionaires - Book One

On the 16th of May, June, and July, look for interviews with the authors of each book in this fun trilogy about tycoons who go undercover to win a bet and lose their hearts along the way...

How does your hero go under cover?

Antonio Di Marcello returns to his home city, Milan and is told by Sebastien, the organiser of this particular challenge, that he is to become Toni Adessi, a motor mechanic for the duration of the two week challenge.

What does he think when he finds out exactly what the bet entails? (Share a couple of lines if you like)

During his first morning working as Toni, Antonio discovers that Sadie Parker, the woman he’d enjoyed a passionate weekend affair with four years ago, also works there. He is convinced that mending bridges with his estranged parents and seeing the one woman he could have loved if circumstances had been different is his challenge. But then he has a shock. Sadie has a son.

Guilt raced through him. He didn’t need a paternity test to confirm this was his child. Just one look into the little boy’s eyes told him all he needed to know. Leo was most definitely a Di Marcello.
Who is your heroine? What does she think of Antonio when she first meets him?

When Sadie first meets the new mechanic Toni Adessi, she is shocked that his dishevelled and bearded appearance reminds her of her son’s father, a man she hasn’t seen since he ended their brief affair so callously. She wonders if this is the reason she is drawn to him despite her resolve not to date.

What situations or challenges does Antonio face that risk exposing him?

When Antonio meets his son, he knows the real challenge is to be the one thing he’d never wanted to be – a father. He has to continue with the challenge until the two weeks are up, having found out about and met his son and heir when all he wants to do is take him back to his home in Rome and make up for the three years he has missed out on.

What does Sadie think when she realizes who he really is?

Sadie’s worst nightmare comes true when Antonio Di Marcello arrives at her apartment. She knows instinctively he wants his son and is convinced that Toni has been his spy, hardly able to comprehend he is the same man.

Share a few lines of her reaction?
‘We didn’t have anything to say four years ago, Antonio, and we certainly don’t now.’ She didn’t move—couldn’t move. The hallway suddenly seemed dark and narrow as he moved towards her, into her home, into her new life. The one she’d built without him for herself and Leo—his son.
Di Marcello's Secret Son is on shelves now or you can buy it at your favourite online retailer. 

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Rachael Thomas lives in West Wales, where she and her husband run a farm.

Writing romance has been a long held dream and she can’t believe how lucky she is to be able to escape into the glamorous world of her heroes and heroines as part of her job. 

When she isn’t writing or working on the farm she enjoys photography and visiting historic castles and grand houses. Visit her at


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