Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Maggie Marr: Strong Women

Recently I was thinking about the women I write in my stories. I was thinking about who they are, what they want and trying to see a common thread with regards to their character. It's interesting to me that I found a couple common elements in all my books. First, the women I write usually aren't, in the beginning of the story, aware of their strength. I see them as strong and perhaps even the reader sees them as strong from the beginning but they (the character) may not believe that they are strong even though they all seem to have some aspect of their lives together. Whether it be that they are smart, articulate, or have a business, all the women in my books have something going for them but they can't yet acknowledge or maybe realize their innate strength. 

They all have a flaw--as do each of us! That flaw is what is preventing them from fully realizing who they are and it is that flaw that isn't allowing them to fall in love with the hero in the book. My hero's don't *fix* the women, as I don't believe another person can *fix* you. I believe that each of us must confront our flaws on our own, but what this hero does (and what I am blessed to have happened in my own personal life) is this hero provides these women a safe space in which to confront their flaw. Almost as though he loves them through the flaw. 

Finally the women I write embrace their sexuality. Even the women I write who at the beginning of the book have not experienced sex, it isn't because they are afraid of sex or they think sex is wrong or dirty--it is often because they've chosen to wait for sex, or they never met or dated a man they wanted to sleep with. My women embrace their sexuality, they see their sexuality as powerful and an expression of pleasure and love. 

All of the above came into my mind as I prepared to write my latest book Wonderf*$k A provocative title with a provocative premise. 

I've enjoyed writing this book which is a romantic comedy. Both the hero and the heroine are fabulous, confused, funny people who think they are doing all the right things and also avoiding love only to discover that love is exactly what they need. Wonderf*$k is available for pre-order now and will release December 22, 2016  I hope you enjoy reading about the Wonderf*$k as much as I've enjoyed writing the story. 


Mia said...

I love your women. I can't wait for this book. Yeah!

dstoutholcomb said...

love romcoms!