Saturday, October 29, 2016

Eve Gaddy: Christmas Books

I have a Christmas book coming out November 17. I'm very excited about it for a number of reasons. The Doctor's Christmas Proposal was so fun to write. Set in Marietta, Montana, there are scenes from Marietta's Christmas Stroll, the Christmas Ball and lots of other Marietta specialties. This is Wyatt Gallagher's story, the third Gallagher brother who is also a doctor.

This is only the second Christmas book I've written. The first came out in 2007, so it seemed like time for another. Especially since I loved writing the first one. Wyatt is sorely in need of a little Christmas magic, and he hopes he can find it with his best friend, Mia Watson.

Betrayed by his ex-fiancĂ©e, Dr. Wyatt Gallagher turns to the one woman he can always trust – his best friend, Mia Watson. After moving away, Wyatt has realized he wants more than friendship with the beautiful artist. With that in mind, he convinces Mia to come to Marietta for the Christmas holidays. But wooing Mia is surprisingly difficult — especially given the passionate night they’ve already shared.
Though Mia Watson has loved Wyatt Gallagher for years, he’s always seen her as a friend, never a lover. Except for one unforgettable interlude when comfort turned to passion. Then Wyatt moved back to Montana, leaving Mia with an unexpected consequence of their night together–and soon, heartbreak to follow.
Faced with the fulfillment of her dreams, Mia knows she must reveal the consequences of their night together to Wyatt. But having withheld the truth for so long, will her confession destroy his trust in her, ending their friendship and any hope of a future together?

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What is one of your Christmas traditions? Make a comment and I'll pick one winner for a digital copy of The Doctor's Christmas Proposal when it becomes available. Or if you prefer, I can send you a digital copy of Love Me, Cowgirl right now! I'll post the winner in the comment section here and also on my FaceBook page, .


Laney4 said...

To decorate the tree with lots and lots of homemade decorations - mostly from when my children were young. I have them all labelled/dated so that we pay tribute to all those before us who have been so important in our lives.

girlygirlhoosier52 said...

Call my sisters and ring the 'family camel bells' and shout 'Come on all you camel drivers!!! It's time to head to Bethlehem!"

dstoutholcomb said...

We read A Visit from St. Nicholas before the kids go to bed, and we also leave milk and cookies for Santa


Eve Gaddy said...

Those sound like lovely traditions.:)

Eve Gaddy said...

Tell you what. Since there were only 3 comments, I'd like to give each of you your choice of my upcoming Christmas book or Love Me, Cowgirl. Message me on my Facebook author page, let me know what you want, what format, and I'll send it. (or pre-order it for you.)

Mary Preston said...

I love it when we all gather around to decorate the Christmas tree. The stuff of memories.

Eve Gaddy said...

If you can't reach me on FaceBook, email me at!

Mary, you too! Email me or pm me which book you want.:)