Tuesday, March 31, 2015

When Music or Movies Make Everything Brighter by Michelle Monkou

We can all acknowledge that writing is a solitary venture. Short of co-authoring, only one person will sit in front of the computer and type the story. But once there, in front of the blank screen, we tend to need things like snacks, maybe music, or even TV. Of course, quite a number of people may need absolute quiet.

I will often write the first draft to music. I have an eclectic taste that ranges from R&B to Pop to Rock, Korean Pop, to classical, and Big Band music. But lately, I found that I’ve been reaching for my favorite movie series to accompany those writing marathons.

My go to selection is J. R. R. Tolkien’s Lord of The Rings directed by Peter Jackson. How can I go wrong with an epic series that is over a gazillion hours long combined. The soundtrack alone is the perfect accompaniment for those long haul moments in front of the keyboard.

Then I move on to Harry Potter series. Now this isn’t really about music, but nostalgia. I know a lot of the key lines and can’t wait for the scenes so that I can repeat them with matching feeling.

Then there’s the Outlander series on Starz, but that is so visually distracting, along with the beautiful lines spoken between the characters that I end up pausing to watch entire scenes. No, I really shouldn’t include this one LOL

Occasionally I will pull out my Twilight series, which I do love. I also have the soundtracks that are just wickedly great compilations.

This last go-round when I had to complete my latest project, Netflix, my new writer’s companion, provided Grease and Dirty Dancing for my viewing pleasure. Not only can I really really go down memory lane, but I can sing at the top of my lungs to every song. And I have no problem stepping away from the computer to do a couple of the dance moves from Grease.

As you can see, my writing can be quite active depending on the playlist or movie list. If you can make writing fun, then why not entertain the other parts of the brain and body.

I hope you’re tapping your foot to a fun beat to make the mundane go by easier or faster, or just to fill the air with beautiful sounds.

All the best,

Michelle Monkou

Michelle Monkou ( is a multi-published author with over 20 books in print and digital. She’s also a weekly contributor on USA TODAY’s Happy Ever Blog providing commentary on romance fiction. She resides in Maryland writing many more stories to fill the hands and e-readers of romantic bookaholics. Michelle's One to Love is available.

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I love listening to the radio all day.