Wednesday, December 29, 2010

New Year's Resolutions for Writers - Dara Girard

Last year I posted an essay inspired by a Dear Abby article. Here it is again with a few changes for the year ahead.

JUST FOR TODAY I will appreciate the difference between a dream and a goal. A dream is something I can’t control such as “I want to get published by Random House” or “I want to reach the NY Times list”. A goal is something I can control such as “I will write three chapters of my new novel” or “I will submit my manuscript to an editor”. I know appreciating this difference will make my life easier and happier.

JUST FOR TODAY I will seize opportunities. I will not be afraid of all the changes in the publishing industry, but rather embrace or study them. I will research the various options open to me. I will look at the possibilities in e-publishing, small press, magazines, sub-right sales, speaking engagements and print on demand. I will not buy into the ‘poor, struggling writer’ myth.
JUST FOR TODAY I will write. I will not think about writing, dream about writing, read about writing or talk about writing. I will not brood about yesterday’s writing or obsess about tomorrow’s efforts.

JUST FOR TODAY I will accept what is. Whether it is the size of my thighs or bank account, I will accept where I am in my writing career and understand things I can change and those I can’t.
JUST FOR TODAY I will improve my writing skills. I will read articles and books that expand my mind. I will treat writing as both an art and craft.

JUST FOR TODAY I will believe in the power of words. I will understand that words can hurt or heal. Build up or destroy. I will be careful of the words I choose and realize that the world needs stories (fiction) and lessons (nonfiction) in order to grow. I will understand the power I hold as a writer.
JUST FOR TODAY I will be gracious. I will congratulate those with good news and have sympathy for those who don’t. I will not gossip about others or whine about my frustrations.
JUST FOR TODAY I will be healthy. I won’t live on junk food, overindulge in
alcohol or cigarettes. I will stretch at my desk, go for walks and eat well.
JUST FOR TODAY I will take responsibility of my writing dreams and let no one take them from me.
Happy New Year to all!!

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Pat Cochran said...

Great resolutions-I'm not a writer
but some of them could be, with a
little "finagling" (one of my Dad's
favorite words), fitted to a lot
of us readers!

Pat Cochran

Jan Suzukawa said...

I enjoyed reading these resolutions for writers - especially the one about the power of words. Thank you for posting this. :)