Thursday, August 05, 2010

Books! And Books! And . . . by Linda Conrad

For those of you who haven’t already heard me shouting this from the rooftops, my August book, COVERT AGENT’S VIRGIN AFFAIR, is my twenty-fifth book for Silhouette! That’s the silver anniversary and Harlequin awarded me a silver pin in a lovely ceremony. Pretty cool.

Some of you may also not know that COVERT AGENT’S VIRGIN AFFAIR is part of a multi-author continuity named: The Coltons: Montana.

Here’s a head’s up list of books in this newest Coltons series:

The Coltons: Montana (2010)

COLTON BY MARRIAGE - by Marie Ferrarella – July
COVERT AGENT’S VIRGIN AFFAIR – by Linda Conrad – August
THE LIBRARIAN’S SECRET SCANDAL – by Jennifer Morey – September
DR. COLTON’S HIGH STAKES FIANCEE – by Cindy Dees - October
P.I. DADDY’S PERSONAL MISSION – by Beth Cornelison - November
COLTON’S CHRISTMAS BABY – by Karen Whiddon - December

And here’s an excerpt from my book, COVERT AGENT’S VIRGIN AFFAIR:

Mary was pleased she and Jake were talking over the past—sort of. She liked that he cared and was curious. But she wasn’t entirely sure that digging up the past was a smart thing to do.

Deciding to go with being happy about his attention, she said, “My father had a lot of help in the early days of the family business. I simply can’t believe that the mob would do business with my dad. He was…”

“Difficult.” Jake’s chuckle was for real this time. He glanced over at her and winked. “I know. But I think it’s fun to sort through all the suspects who might’ve done the crime. Like a mystery murder game.”

Mary nodded, then turned and gasped. “Oh, look at that.”

They’d rounded a hairpin turn and caught the tail end of a spectacular sunset. Jake pulled the SUV out onto a look-out point and put the transmission in park, idling the engine and watching the sun going down through the windshield.

This was why she’d wanted to come the long way. This sight. Even though the sun was setting behind their backs, the road they were traveling had enough twists and turns to afford terrific views of both mountains and skies.

Streaks of copper, peppered with raspberry points, spread out to the indigo heavens from a cheddar-colored base of sun. Beautiful sunsets never lasted long in the mountains. But as this one eased over the bumpy horizon, it shimmered with colors reminiscent of the best rainbow she’d ever seen.

She sighed. “This trip was definitely worth the extra time. Thank you, Jake.”

When she looked toward him, he was already watching her.

“Definitely worth it.” He leaned in and surprised her with a sensual kiss. Warm and tender, but also full of longing and promise.

It was everything she’d ever hoped to have from a man she could love. Her lips tingled and her heart fluttered in her chest. She had to fight the daydreams of a rosy future playing over in her mind. She was inexperienced, but not stupid. Jake was still holding back for some reason.

As he pulled away from her and sat back, he whispered, “You are every bit as beautiful as that sunset, Mary. Damned straight it was worth the…”

Mary felt the jolt before she heard the screech of tires. “Jake!” Someone had hit them from behind—hard.

“I’m on it! Hang on.”

The SUV roared to life as Jake threw it into gear and took off. He stepped on the gas and sped around the rest of the curve, barreling toward the crest of the mountain.

“What are you doing? You can’t leave the scene of an accident. What if someone was hurt?”

“That was no accident. Tighten your seat belt.”

What? Not an accident? Then that had to mean someone deliberately ran into them. But why?

As she tugged at her seatbelt, she looked into the outside mirror but saw nothing. Nothing but the blackness of after dusk in the mountains. Turning to Jake, she started to question what he’d said.

But before she could open her mouth, he thundered out another order. “Brace yourself. They’re closing in.”

She didn’t need to flick another glance in the mirror to notice bright headlights suddenly close behind them. Too close. And too bright. The whole inside of their SUV lit up like a sunshine-filled morning.


Excerpt from: COVERT AGENT’S VIRGIN AFFAIR © Linda Conrad

In my opinion, the book makes a fun summer read, and I’ve been reading quite a lot this summer. So many fun books out there! I’ve read Branded By Fire by Nalini Singh, Sizzling Sixteen by Janet Evanovitch, The Prince’s Royal Concubine by Lynn Raye Harris, Colton By Marriage by Marie Ferrarella and several more.

What are you reading? Have you read any terrific books this summer? I would love some new ideas to add to my TBR pile.

Post a comment or a book selection and I’ll have pick two winners at random tomorrow morning. The winners will get an autographed copy of COVERT AGENT’S VIRGIN AFFAIR, the Coltons: Montana series.
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practimom said...

Wow! 25 books! congrats on all the success! Thank you for the excerpts! they were wonderful!

Alison said...

Congratulations on your 25th book! I'm reading a book called 'Mistress of the House' about the ladies who ran and lived in big houses in England, 17th-19thc. Lots of good stories in it, and it counts as intellectual reading!

aromagik said...

Twenty five - how cool! I've been reading Lisa Kleypas's Hathaway series. If you like historicals (and I do!), it's a fantastic series. I'm getting ready to read Kate Pearce's 'Kiss of the Rose' next. She's one of my favorite authors, so I'm pretty sure I'm going to love it.


Linda Conrad said...

Hi practimom! Tks so much for the congratulations. You make me blush. :)

Linda Conrad said...

Alison, you're reading non-fiction! Wow. Love it. Good for you. I'm reading some non-fiction right now too. For research. Reading: Tracking- Signs of Man, Signs of Hope by David Diaz.

Linda Conrad said...

Hey Lindy,
Love Liza Kleypass but haven't read her for a while. Maybe one of hers will go on the TBR pile next. I've never read Kate Pearce, let us know how you like the book.

CrystalGB said...

Hi Linda. Congratulations on your 25th book for Silhoutte. That's a wonderful milestone.
I recently read and enjoyed two of Robyn Dehart's books: Seduce Me and Desire Me.

Linda Conrad said...

Hiya, Crystal! Robyn Dehart is another new one for me. Will check her out. Tks!

runner10 said...

Congrats on 25 books!! Amazing!!
I just finished Carly Phillip's Kiss Me If You Can. It was a great summer read. Left me ready to read her next book.

Anonymous said...

I'm reading Without Mercy by Lisa Jackson and I am loving it as I try to solve the mystery.
Sizzling Sixteen by Janet Evanovich was a fun read.
Safe In His Arms by Claire Thompson was an awesome read.
The Sugar Queen by Sarah Addison Allen was another good one.

Linda Conrad said...

Oh yes, runner10. Carly Phillips books are always good summer fun. Glad you liked it.

Linda Conrad said...

Hi Leni! I read the Lisa Jackson book and enjoyed the mystery too. Claire Thompson and Sarah Addison Allen are two more new to me. Sigh. So many good books, so little time.

chey said...

Congratulations on this milestone! I always enjoy your books!
I just read Airframe by Michael Crichton and An Independent Woman by Howard Fast.
chey127 at hotmail dot com

Linda Conrad said...

Thanks, Chey. Hey those two books sound interesting. Sometimes I like Michael Crichton and then other times, not so much. Might give them a try though.

Estella said...

Congrats on 25 books!
I am reading McKettricks of Texas: Austin by Linda Lael Miller.
It is the third book in a series. Loved them all.

Linda Conrad said...

Thanks, Estella! Ah, a Linda Lael Miller reader. She has written some fabulous books over the years.

Linda Conrad said...

My dh just picked names and we have two winners! Alison and Estella. Congratulations!

Send me your mailing addresses and I'll send your books. Email me at:

Thanks everyone for the new list of books and for the best wishes. Fun blog!

Mary Kirkland said...

Sorry I missed the contest but I wanted to say congratulations to you. To have written so many wonderful books is a great accomplishment.

I just got done reading Knight of Passion by Margaret Mallory...great read.