Thursday, June 24, 2010

My (Very Quick) Summer Vacation by Caitlin Crews

My husband and I are in the middle of moving house (this weekend! Yikes!), but before everything got really crazy, we headed off to a quick little summer vacation:

This is Dana Point, CA, where, just over two years ago, we got married.

Isn't it pretty? We got to do all the things we told our wedding guests to do, but never did ourselves.

Like check out the pirate ship.

Or walk on the beach.

While I pack and sort and tape and schlep, I try to remember this moment:

I hope your summer vacations are just as delightful-- and maybe a little bit longer!


Anonymous said...


Estella said...

Lovely pics!

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Melanie said...

Don't you just love Dana Point? My Grandmother lived there so I spent a lot of my childhood visiting the harbor and now that she is gone I love to go there to feel close to her. I just got back from taking my nephews there for the first time, spent a day at Doheny, went to the Ocean Institute and went on a whale watching trip. We loved every minute of it.
If you ever go back make sure you hit the shops and find Mille Fleurs, they make scented lotions that are awesome and are some the nicest people you will ever meet (I even have it made and shipped to me in NV).

Unknown said...

hi im from malaysia.

it is very nice to see the nice view of ur country. i love it very much!


Caitlin Crews said...

Estella-- Thanks! It's such a pretty place, it's hard not to take a good picture!

Melanie--I do love Dana Point. I think that being delightful must be a requirement for living/working there, since everyone we've ever met there was exactly that! So sweet, so helpful--just wonderful.

I'll have to find Mille Fluers next time!

Nurul-- Thanks! Glad you like the pictures!

Michele L. said...

The pictures are amazing Caitlin! This is definitely a must destination for me!

Carol L. said...

Amazing pictures Caitlyn.
So beautiful and serene looking. I think I now need a vacation myself. :)
Carol L.