Saturday, February 13, 2010

Love Makes The World Go Round--Michelle Monkou

Once again, St. Valentine's day, is almost upon us. A day where we express our love for that special person in our life. We may get or give flowers, candy, and jewelry. Whether it is celebrating friendship between friends or a romantic relationship between a couple, Valentine's day is that symbolic poke to remind us to say I LOVE YOU.

This year I experienced the Mid-Atlantic winter storm with just me and my kids, while my husband was stuck in Florida after the Super Bowl because flights were cancelled and stand by on available flights was near to impossible with the large amount of stranded passengers. The first snow storm brought close to two feet of snow, which took 2 1/2 days to dig from my door to the street. Then the second snow storm hit and dumped another 1 1/2 feet of snow. By the time I got to the street, there was a large hump of snow-turned-ice from the snow plow that shoved the barrier along the width of my driveway. At this point, cupboards were getting bare, the refrigerator shelves were emptying, and I was tired of eating the large quantity of spaghetti, I'd made at the beginning of the first storm. Luckily the nearby Pizza Hut delivered and we were the family standing in the street at the end of the driveway waiting for their driver.

Now, I'm settled down, waiting for that block of ice to melt. My husband is due home tomorrow. My kids and I have bonded. Thank goodness for computer games-LOL. And so Valentine's Day will arrive without much fanfare because I haven't had time to go out and get anything. But you know what? It doesn't matter. I've had the best Valentine moment laughing and joking with my husband over the phone, hours of shoveling snow with my son, watching episodes of Bones and CSI with my daughter, even the cat has been affectionate. So there is no need for expensive greeting cards, flowers, chocolates or jewelry to say how much I love my family.
I'm also reminded that while I may have felt the discomfort of a winter storm, I need not complain given what the people of Haiti have suffered and will have to endure in the aftermath of the devastating earthquake. Many are without home, clothing and other basic necessities. Unfortunately, many are without their loved ones.

This Valentine's Day share that expression of love with a donation to a Haiti Relief Fund. A little demonstration of love for humanity can certainly be a part of the St. Valentine's tradition.


Michelle Monkou
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Linda Henderson said...

I think that's a much better idea than spending a lot of money for things we really don't need to survive.