Friday, February 19, 2010

A character walks into a bar... - Lisa Dale

So I had a Supernatural marathon on the other day while I was working on some of the lighter lifting of the writing life—answering emails, keeping up on my social networking, following up on an acceptance letter for a poem—and in the episode on the TV, Sam and Dean are on a “hunt” when they find a novel that sounds suspiciously like their own story.

In fact, everything about the novel is just like them. Naturally, they go to find the author. Let me paraphrase the scene:

Author: I’m sorry. I don’t see how this is possible. I imagined you.

Sam/Dean: We’ll here we are.

Author: I was going for a Vonnegut thing, writing a scene where I’m confronted by the characters I created.

Sam/Dean: So what happens next?

You can see how this got me thinking. What if I was confronted by my characters? Which character would I want to walk into the apartment and say, “What’s for dinner?” (Chinese takeout, in case you were wondering.)

My first instinct was to say that I wanted to meet the hero of my new book, It Happened One Night. Eli Ward is a meteorite hunter who has just the right mix of alpha and beta. I’ve been getting a lot of letters and comments about readers being in love with Eli, and I certainly wouldn’t mind chatting with him over my fried rice.

But then, the more I got thinking about it, the character I’d really like to meet is Beatrice—an elderly Korean-American grandmother. Beatrice is a complex woman who means to help the heroine of Simple Wishes find her way into the self-acceptance (and ultimately true love). I think Beatrice still has some stories to tell that I didn’t explore in Simple Wishes.

Oh--and as a side note--Sam and/or Dean are definitely characters I want to, uh, meet. :-)

My question to you: What character from the literary world do you want to meet in real life?

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Happy reading,

Lisa Dale


Linda Henderson said...

I would like to meet Eve Dallas and Roarke from J.D.Robb's In Death Series. I think they would be an interesting couple to hang out with.

runner10 said...

I'd like to hang out a few hours with the women from Jane Porter's books. They are strong women.
Alex Cross for some intense conversations. Boy, has he seen a lot.
Stephanie Plum for some laughs.
I think I would enjoy spending time with some of the authors to get a feel for how their minds work. Very creative people.

Atia Austen said...

Huckleberry Finn - I loved him as a little girl and always dreamed of spending a day with him.

Van Pham said...

i would like to meet Merit from Some Girls bite by Chloe Neill

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Laurie G said...

Kate Hoffmann's Quinn family especially Keely! She grew up away from her brothers, but turned into a strong, independent, resourceful young woman.

Mary Kirkland said...

Oh I'd like to Sam and Dean too ;)

I'd love to have a while with the Carpathian men in Christine Feehan's Dark series. They are just so big and Yummy.

Lisa Dale said...

Thanks so much for commenting guys! I loved reading all of these (with the exception maybe of the comment about handbags, which I think may be spam).

See you all next month!