Friday, July 10, 2009

Getting Ready For Nationals - Kimberly Van Meter

Sometimes I envy the relatively simple process men enjoy when preparing to travel. As I prepare to leave for the Romance Writers of America National conference, I’m struck by how much there is to do and how I should’ve started preparing way before this moment. You see, I think women are the only ones who stress about things that are fairly ridiculous in the big scheme of things.

To put it into perspective: North Korea might very well be readying to blow the United States (or at least some part of it) to the hereafter yet, the networks are too busy going over the minutia of Michael Jackson’s funeral arrangements to bother with something so boring, hence it makes perfect sense that I’m fretting over all the pampering that still needs to be done before I’m ready to make my entrance among my writer/author friends. I’m completely guilty. I am more worried that my aesthetician will manage to squeeze me in before I leave when I really should just make do with a good facial scrub and moisturizer and call it a day. I’m being completely frivolous and I admit it. Does that count for something? Perhaps. Perhaps not. Internally, I’m rolling my eyes at my own foolish primping I’m not going to stop. And I know I’m not alone. My friends are tweeting and posting on Facebook, listservs and IMs how appointments have been made at the hair dresser, manicurist, and shopping trips have either been scheduled or finished, all in prep for this major event.

So what’s the big deal? I’m a wash-and-wear kinda girl. I choose comfort over fashion most days and I rarely bother with make-up during the work week, yet during National I’m a diva of the primped, coiffed, and stylized (well, my version anyhow) of the jet set. It makes no sense. I have new clothes to purchase, dresses to squeeze myself into, new make-up sets to put together, hairstyles to try out, new shoes and bag to match my outfits, not to mention all the accessories that go into putting together a fashionable look and let me tell you, this stuff is not cheap. So not only am I going to all this effort for a week’s worth of activity that I don’t bother with the rest of the year, I’m spending a fortune to do it. It’s crazy.

My husband, on the other hand, is content with throwing deodorant, assorted toiletries, just enough clothes, one pair of shoes into the suitcase, and he’s ready to rock and roll.There’s no need for fancy haircuts, a massage, a pedicure, fake tan, new clothes or some ridiculous compulsion to diet one week before leaving.

Oh well. It is what it is.

So, let’s commiserate together. Tell me, if you’re going to National, what prep you’ve undergone and if you’re not going to National, share your war stories of another event you had to go into hyperdrive to attend with any measure of success. One lucky poster will receive a free copy of my July Harlequin Superromance novel, KIDS ON THE DOORSTEP.


***The winner is Rachie G!*** Congratulations! You should have an email from Kimberly soon. :) Thanks to everyone who left a comment! For questions, please email - Thanks!!


EllenToo said...

Sorry Kim but I can't relate any story because I've never been to anything that would make me worry about clothes, etc. I've always been a "accept me as I am" type of person. But I do hope you have a wonderful time at nationals and don't get too stressed out before you even get there. And don't enter me in your contest as I have KOTD.

Unknown said...

Oups... wuth RWA approching there must be a LOT of ascared DHs tight now !!
Sorry Kim I can't relate either. I've never been to that kind of fancy thing that require so much preparation. Of course I have the occasional wedding or party which make me like "I need to lose those 3 pounds on my belly" but never had to plan a whole wardrobe !!!lol

Kimberly Van Meter said...

Ellen: Thanks so much for stopping by. I hope you enjoy KOTD!

Emmanuelle: Well, I have a class reunion coming up,too...I suppose I will stress about that as well. But amid all the prep, it does end up to be really fun once I'm there. Thanks for stopping by!

The Brunette Librarian said...
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The Brunette Librarian said...

This book looks awesome.

I've never really had to plan for anything fance. Three weeks ago I had my high school class reunion which was definetly an adventure. I changed outfits like 3 times but in the end it was worth it. :)

Fun blog today! RWA looks like a lot of fun!!

rachie2004 @ yahoo DOT com

Estella said...

I'm not going to National.
My husband was elected Exalted Ruler of our local Elks Lodge.The big Party for the Elks leaders was being held in Honolulu.
Boy did I ever have to do some fast shopping for warm werther clothing.

Kimberly Van Meter said...

Rachel: Thanks for stopping by! RWA National is such an amazing experience. I recommend readers and writers going if they can swing it because you come away with so many goodies, awesome workshops, and sometimes new friends.

Estella: Fabulous for your hubby on his election and fun for you that an emergency shopping trip was needed. Thanks for visiting!

Pat Cochran said...

For me, it has been a high school
reunion every five years (usually
a denim to diamonds situation) and
holiday gatherings at year-end.
Speaking of reunions, it's our 55th
this September! It's an outdoor
catered BBQ casual gathering. My
only stress is going to be weather
related as we are in Texas! It was
101 today with "feels like" temps
of 105!

Pat Cochran

Kimberly Van Meter said...

Pat: 55th year reunion! Wow. That's amazing!

Thank you everyone for visiting today! I had a great time guest blogging. I will select a winner out of the bunch and Lee will post the winner's name!

penney said...

Wonderful blog today, your book sounds good I like the cover.
luvhistoricalromance (at)gmail(dot)com

Emma said...

KIDS ON THE DOORSTEP sounds wonderful. Have a great weekend.

robynl said...

I was looking after Mom when she was still home but dying. I knew I had nothing appropriate to wear so I called a sister to come over while I went shopping. I found a lovely blouse with the front sewn in to look like a tank top with overblouse. I had some cute black heels and black slacks. No, I wasn't going for the black (mourning) look but that is what I felt good in and found that fit. I was some nervous tell I found this top.