Thursday, March 05, 2009

Is the Bachelor a Bad Guy?

So, who saw The Bachelor?

I don't even watch the show, and I've heard all about it. The people I know who do watch the show seem pretty convinced that The Bachelor is a big jerk in this scenario (for dumping his "fiancee," who he chose at the end of the show, for the other woman he'd originally decided against), and that he's a bad guy.

I guess I don't really see this. Should he have stayed with the woman he knew he didn't love? Was he obligated to her? Or is it better for everyone involved that he understood his feelings and owned them?

I guess I feel that if it was me, I would rather know that my fiance was in love with someone else as soon as possible, no matter how much it hurt. I would rather not hear this news on national television, but then, I would not have met and become engaged to a fiance on national television either, and I don't think you can have it both ways. Because... why would I want to be with someone who knew he was in love with someone else? Why would anyone?

What do you think? Is the Bachelor a bad guy, or was he just in a bad situation?


The Brunette Librarian said...


Maureen said...

He's not a great guy but there are way worse guys out there that you hear about in the news everyday.

kimmyl said...

BAD GUY!!! I think what he did was lousy. For starters that shouls have been done privatley. I think he just likes alot of attention.

Rebachin said...

So, I'd never seen this show until the finale when I happened to be hanging out with my mother who wanted to watch it... so... I played along.
My two cents:
What he did, regardless of right or wrong/ good or bad, made him look kinda silly I think.
What I REALLY wanted to hear, was WHY he chose the first girl over the girl he ended up wanting????
There had to be a reason for why he said "You're not the one" to the girl he ended up saying "I want you" to. (It all sounds so confusing b/c I don't know their names!)
But hopefully you follow... I wanna know why... before I can really "judge" him...