Thursday, September 11, 2008

Can I Tempt You?

by Anna Campbell

I'm really delighted to share the cover and stepback (yes, I have a stepback - be still, my beating heart!) art for my January 2009 release TEMPT THE DEVIL. Isn't that such a sexy picture? That man has such a come-hither look in his eyes, not mention that sensual glint! Wow! Honestly, I'm rapt!

Now, would you like a sneak peek at what's behind that wonderful cover art? I've put an excerpt of TEMPT THE DEVIL up on my website this month and I hope it whets people's appetites for the story as a whole. If you'd like to read it, please go to:

And while you're there, why not enter my contest to win an advance review copy of TEMPT THE DEVIL? All you have to do is answer a really simple question about the excerpt and you're in the running.

Now, what books are you currently looking forward to reading? I've got a wish list as long as my arm. Which is a pity as my to-be-read pile is as high as Mount Everest without me adding to it!

Two September releases I really enjoyed are Christine Wells's second Regency historical THE DANGEROUS DUKE and Tawny Weber's sexy Blaze RISQUE BUSINESS. Both highly recommended!

I've got an order in at Amazon for THE SINS OF LORD EASTERBROOK, the fourth instalment in Madeline Hunter's current historical series - the first three were fantastic and the second one just won a RITA Award. I've also got the new Kathleen O'Reilly on its way - COURTING DISASTER. Isn't that a great title? I just loved the O'Sullivan Brother trilogy that she wrote for Harlequin Blaze. Again, highly recommended. And of course, I'm eagerly looking forward to the latest Anne Gracie, HIS CAPTIVE LADY. She's such an amazing writer.

So plenty to keep me going. What's coming up for you book-wise?


Christine Wells said...

Hi Anna! That cover (and stepback) is so hot, my laptop screen is smokin'! As I've gloated to all and sundry already and we're how many months from publication?--I LOVED TEMPT THE DEVIL. It certainly deserves that fabulous cover.

I'm so pleased to have a book on your TBR pile (even though you've already read it in ms form.*g*) Just read Anne Gracie's HIS CAPTIVE LADY and you have a real treat in store. I have a tottering TBR pile, but at the moment I'm reading Deb Marlowe's Scandalous Lord, Rebellious Miss and absolutely loving it! I also have Tawny's Risque Business and Annie West's The Greek Tycoon's Unexpected Wife as well as Emily Gee's Thief With No Shadow. Lots of great reads in store! Oh, and I can't wait for the next Madline Hunter, either. Woohoo!

Annie West said...

Hi Anna,

How cool is that cover? I bet he just steams off the shelves into eager hands. I reckon Tempt the Devil has the sort of cover that is just plain...tempting!

What timing seeing your blog after Christine has commented - as we have several things in common. I loved Tempt the Devil too - all that passion and undercurrents from the past that swirl around the characters and threaten to pull them under. Another really powerful (and pleasurable) book! Good on you! The characters are so vivid and I felt they really earned their HEA.

Like Christine I've just read Anne Gracie's His Captive Lady - another fantastic read (obviously I'm on a roll).

What I'm looking forward to - finishing the book I've started that keeps getting interrupted: Mikhail Bulgakov's The Master and Margarita (not a romance but fascinating) plus reading Christine Wells' The Dangerous Duke (don't have it yet and I can't wait) and a certain book on harems that I still haven't managed to get to. Oh, and some luscious travel books for a trip we're planning...yippee! Plus a pile of other romances several feet high. I'm seriously thinking about going on strike and locking myself away for several days and just reading. Sigh. What bliss.

Oh, Christine, I just noticed you have Stavros and Tessa's story to read. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did writing it. There's something about watching a king pin alpha face reality in the form of one special woman that always works for, sounds like Tempt the Devil!


pjpuppymom said...

Anna, you really have to stop posting that cover all over the internet. I'll never get any work done! :)

Let's see, what am I looking forward to reading? Well, TTD of course. But beyond that, over the next couple months there's Seduce Me at Sunrise (Lisa Kleypas), Mr. Cavendish, I presume (Julia Quinn), The Wild Sight (Loucinda McGary), Blame it on the Mistletoe (Terri Brisbin), Touched by Love (Tracy Garrett), All That Matters (Stef Ann Holm), When the Duke Returns (Eloisa James), A Wallflower Christmas (Lisa Kleypas), A Virgin River Christmas (Robyn Carr) and many more.

I just finished an arc of Like No Other Lover (Julie Anne Long) and it was wonderful. Tawny's Risque Business is on my tbr along with Victoria Alexander's Seduction of a Proper Gentleman and Elizabeth Boyle's Tempted by the Night.

I read Trish Milburn's debut, A Firefighter in the Family (Harlequin American Romance) yesterday and all I can say is that this is a writer with a very bright future. I so enjoyed this book!

Karen H said...

Hi Anna,

Just read the excerpt for 'Tempting the Devil' and all I can say is stuff there! Love the cover too. Nathan does so much for a cover, doesn't he?

Just entered your contest...hope I win. FYI, the release date on the books page is wrong.

Your reading list is pretty much like mine. Right now, I'm reading 'Rakes and Rogues', an oldie anthology by 5 authors including Mary Balogh & Mary Jo Putney. Just finished 'Beyond Desire' by Emma Holly. Not sure what I'll pick up next to read. With over 800 books waiting to be read, and more always coming in, I'm sure I'll find something good.

Lois said...

Wow-wee to those covers! Yummy!! :) And I still have to get Anne Gracie book -- went to the bookstore before it's release date, so I have to wait. But I started the Susan Mallery trilogy with Sweet Talk yesterday. :)


Anna Campbell said...

I've got THE THIEF WITH NO SHADOW too, Christine. I've heard all the raves, including the double RITA nomination. I've heard great things about Deb Marlowe's stuff too. Annie's Greek Tycoon is fantastic - that's a treat in store for you. Congratulations on the Dangerous Duke - he's one hot dude!

Isn't that cover lovely? Thank you for your kind words. The book is out at the end of December which by my calculation is about three and a half months out.

Anna Campbell said...

Annie, always lovely to see you. Thank you for those kind words about TTD! As you say, that cover should steam its way off the shelves ;-)

Christine is a lucky girl with Stavros and Tessa waiting for her, isn't she? Hope you get your reading binge soon. I'm really looking forward to AG's latest too.

Hiya PJ! Thanks for popping by. Wow, what a great list you've got coming up. I'm looking forward to the Julie Anne Long as I really enjoyed her PERILS OF PLEASURE. A really great read. Amazon, grrrr, still haven't sent me Trish's book - the postman is getting sick of seeing me look at him with sick puppy eyes every day!

Anna Campbell said...

Karen! 800 books??!!! OK, I bow to the queen of TBR! Do you think you'll get through all of them? I think I'd have over 100 waiting. Thanks for checking out the excerpt - I saw your contest entry, thank you and good luck! And thanks a million for pointing out the glitch in the release date. Both my web designer and I were running on empty when we did the September updates. We'd both been to San Francisco and then our local conference in Melbourne. I've let her know it needs changing - I really appreciate you telling me!

Anna Campbell said...

Hi Lois! Thanks for checking out the cover and excerpt. He really does attract the eye, doesn't he? ;-) Hope you find the AG soon. I've got a Susan Mallery (Sweet Talk?) on my TBR pile. I've heard great things about her. I'm currently reading Aussie Bronwyn Parry's Golden Heart winning romantic suspense AS DARKNESS FALLS and once I've finished that I've got a Susan Crandall (another recommendation) called PITCH BLACK. Hmm, looks like I'll be cowering under the covers for a little while with all these serial killers haunting my reading!

Fiona Lowe said...

Sizzling cover, Anna!!

Anna Campbell said...

Hey, Fiona, great to see you! Thanks for popping in. Yeah, he is rather spectacular, isn't he?

Pat Cochran said...

Hi, Ms. Anna,

Thanks for the invitation to enter
your contest, but I think I've
already entered!

On my TBR list:

The Desert King - Olivia Gates
The Dragon Earl - Jade Lee
Embrace The Darkness-Alexandra Ivy The Tunnels - Michelle Gagnon
Blood Ties - Judith French
Several books - Christina Skye
Firefighter in Family - T.Milburn
Dangerous Duke - Christine Wells
plus another 400 - 500 books that I have yet to read.

Just finished:

Claiming The Courtesan by an up
and coming Australian author. LOL.

Pat Cochran

Estella said...

Hot looking cover!

Anna Campbell said...

Ah, Pat, clearly you're a woman of exquisite taste when it comes to your TBR pile (especially on things you've only JUST read!). Snort! Yes, you did enter the contest - thank you. I'm so excited about the cover that I'm talking about it all over the place at the moment, as you'll have noticed! Honestly, that man has the most wonderful eyes (and the rest!). I had to laugh at your list - I wondered what would happen if the Dragon Earl and the Desert King came up against one another? They might need the Dangerous Duke as an umpire!

Anna Campbell said...

Thanks, Estella. I'm stoked as you can imagine! I'd buy the book just for the sake of looking at him! ;-)

Jane said...

I love your stepback cover, Anna. I'm in the middle of Adele Ashworth's "A Notorious Proposition." I just finished "Trial by Fire" by Jo Davis two days ago. I loved the book. Next up with be Jenna Petersen's "Lesson From a Courtesan." I've been alternating between romantic suspense and historicals.

Anna Campbell said...

Hey, Jane! Have you read Adele's Wintergarden? It's one of my all-time favorite romances. A real classic. I've read Jenna's courtesan - wow, it's a sensual read! Jo Davis has had enormous success with her debut. She's on my TBR pile too. I'm glad you enjoyed it - can't go past a sexy firefighter, can you? ;-)

Dina said...

Stopping by to say Hi Anna, :)

Your cover man is so delicious.

Anna Campbell said...

Hi right back at ya, Dina! Looks like cover man gets your stamp of approval ;-)

Helen said...

The cover and stepback are beautiful I have the coverflat for it thanks to Christine and you OMG I need to frame it and put it on my bedside table so hot can't wait to read it when it is released.

My TBR pile just keeps getting bigger and bigger I love it.

I have just finished Christine's book The Dangerous Duke what a fantastic read I loved it I am rading Anne Gracies's His Captive Lady at the moment halfway thru and loving it I only stopped to check the internet for a bit and I have Stephanie Laurens new one Nalini Singh's Victoria Alexanders Julia London's Karen Ranney's Melody Thomas and Elizabeth Boyles to read better get back to it.

I so love the adventures you wonderful authors take me on

Have Fun

Anna Campbell said...

Hey, Helen! Great to see you here. Thanks for your comment. Looks like you've got some wonderful reading ahead of you. I just got an Amazon delivery - still no Trish's book, grrr. But I did get a Blaze called Incognito that got a top pick in last month's Romantic Times and the latest C.S. Harris, Why Mermaids Sing. Her other two books in the St. Cyr series, When Gods Die and What Angels Fear, are fantastic, among the best books I've read all year. So I'm very much looking forward to sinking my teeth into those.

Anne said...

Belated waves to Anna and the gang -- my computer has been crashing out of the internet and yesterday I lost about 3 attempts to post.
So today I'm trying again.

I have a growing TBR pile, too -- am finishing a book at the moment, so no time for reading, but the pile is looking good.

I LOVE that new cover, Anna. A departure from your last 2, but WOW! I can't imagine anyone complaining. Not me, that's for sure.

Won't push my luck any more. Let's see if this comment makes it to the list.

Anna Campbell said...

Anne, you made it! Thanks for continuing to try! Yes, it's a huge change from the last two covers, which I loved to death. But this one certainly is going to get the punters in, I think! Hope your computer settles down and behaves!

Bev(QB) said...

Is that your first Nathan Kamp cover, Anna? Congrats! I think authors should consider him a good luck charm since he tends to catch the attention of readers.

Yep, I admit that I've picked a book or three up because Nathan was on the cover. Of course, it depends on the blurb whether I buy it, but the point is that Nathan's picture got me to notice and pick it up in the first place.

May he be your good luck charm too!