Monday, May 28, 2007

This 'n that - Helen Bianchin

Authors write, there are schedules, deadlines ... there's also family, and occasionally a break between finishing one novel and beginning the next.

I say occasionally, for mostly the lines are blurred, and there's a heap of stuff put to one side in the rundown to deadline. Ideally, there would be a secretary and a "wife" ... the secretary to take care of all the stuff, and a "wife" to cook, clean and "go-fer".

The reality is a one-woman band ... wife, mother, go-fer, author ... in any particular order according to importance and circumstance on the day. The family need to be fed, chores need to be done, kids fetched and carried on the home front, and on the business side there's taxes, research, and a heap of writing-related stuff aside from writing the book.

Every now and then everything aligns beautifully. Very recently I handed a book on deadline, and a best friend flew in for a visit.

As the best friend is also an author, she understood perfectly the euphoria of having just finished the book. We shopped, enjoyed leisurely coffees, lovely lunches with mutual friends. We relaxed, laughed, schmoozed. Guilt free!

Now she's flown home, I've dealt with various stuff, and I'm back in front of the computer compiling a character biography for the next book. Working on the theme, location, motive, goals. And once again the excitement is beginning to build as the new story begins to form and take shape. Tentatively. Will the characters behave ... or take off in a different direction from the one I've mapped out for them? It's too early to tell. The one certainty is there'll be a "happy-ever-after". The challenge is their emotional journey to that point.

The only teaser I can provide is the hero's name is Wolfe, the heroine is Lara, it's set in New York and Sydney ...

Meanwhile, my next title is The Tycoon's Virgin Wife is due for release in September 2007, followed by The Martinez Marriage Revenge in the first half of 2008.

Regards and best wishes to all,


Laura Drewry said...

congrats on handing in the book, Helen! I've tried a number of times to organize my time in order to get everything done that's screaming to be done. I can't say that I've actually found a good balance, one I'm comfortable with, or sure is working, but things somehow all manage to get juggled. I find it slighly amusing when I take my research books with me to soccer/baseball/swimming/taekwondo. While other parents are diligently watching their children, or thumbing through the newspaper, I'm reading up on brothels in the old west. Some of the looks I get. . . . :)

Cherie J said...

It is hard juggling family and work. I am so glad I am a stay at home mom now. It means being on a tighter budget but the extra time I get to spend with my two little ones, both under age 4, can't be beat. Congrat on handing the book in. I am sure you sighed with relief.

Lois said...

Yeah, congrats! :) And that tiny little tidbit sounds great! LOL :) I know the feeling though, from school. . . love the feeling of being done with a report or paper. . . even though that's all of a couple pages and not like a book. :)


Michele L. said...

Woohoo! Congratulations Helen! Wow to finish a book is a big accomplishment! I write reviews and that will take me anywhere from 2 to 4 hours to write a two page review. Writing a book is really hard to comprehend all the intricacies and details you have to go through to complete it. A big hearty applause to you!


Unknown said...

Congratulations to you on handing the book in on time, Helen! I always feel as if I'm juggling to keep all the balls in the air. I just try to live in the moment, and not get too stressed over my to-do-list. After all, we are never going to be done with everything until we are dead. I just do my best and enjoy the journey. :)

anne said...

Congrats on completing this great achievement. Wonderful news. You must feel great about this accomplishment.