Monday, October 31, 2016

Happy Halloween!!


Though today's holiday has its roots in many ancient cultures and places, here, it's all about the candy! Be honest - if you've trick-or-treated in your life - it's all about the candy!

Whether larger bars are better or whether it's more fun to get lots of the smaller sized ones! Whether you take only the ones you like or get a bunch of different ones to trade with your family or friends. It's all strategy on Halloween - gathering the candy and then making it last until Thanksgiving or even longer!

   My kids are grown and the grandbabies aren't really ready for trick-or-treating yet so I'm in a lull now. Our neighborhood is an older one now, with fewer kids who knock on doors on Halloween, We used to need 5-6 big bags of candies but now barely go through 1. And the hours are now specified in my town, too.

So, Halloween has changed a lot for me -- but I'm waiting for it to rebound.... For our neighborhood to be filled with kids again and for the sound of scampering feet on my walkway leading to my door. And the cute sound of kids shouting 'trick or treat'!

Hope your door is knocked and your candy is given away today!

Happy Halloween!! 


Terri is at work on her next novel while celebrating the release of ONCE UPON A HAUNTED CASTLE - a Celtic Ghost anthology perfect for Halloween reading! 

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dstoutholcomb said...

Happy Halloween!

First time since 1999 I don't have a child dressing up for Halloween.


Terri Brisbin said...

Denise -- it's kind of a shock, isn't it?