Thursday, October 13, 2016

Grownup Clothes

So, I'm heading to New Jersey Romance Writers conference this weekend and realized yesterday, I have to pack.  Yes, I realized that fact as I sat in holey jeans, a t-shirt and a buffalo plaid flannel shirt.  Let's just say it...I don't do grownup clothes very often.  Hardly ever, truth be told.

I walked to my grownup clothes closet and stared at it.  And then I hit on a plan...
You see, I'm going to New Jersey because I've getting a Hall of Fame Award (you can read about it here).  And two of my books are finalists in the Golden Leaf Awards.

And all the books that are part of that Hall of Fame Award and in the Golden Leaf Award are set here in Erie, PA.  (What, you mean Erie isn't your first thought when you think of romantic cities?? Maybe it should be! LOL) So, if I wore some of my very cool Erie t-shirts (thanks Erie Apparel) I wouldn't be avoiding grownup clothes, I'd be marketing my books.  Yes, that's right, those t-shirts are branding.  And branding is smart and business savvy.  

So, if you see me in New Jersey wearing my t-shirts (and non-holey jeans and a nice cardie) don't think, boy that writer seems less than grownup dressed.  Think, wow, that writer is very market savvy.  She's a branding dynamo.

Uh, did you buy that??

New Jersey here I come!!  And if you're looking for a romantic city...maybe you should be thinking Erie??  You can visit Visit Erie to find out a bit of what we have to offer...or you can pick up a Holly Jacobs' book. (Oh, I think that was more marketing savviness right there!)



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