Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Susan Sands: A Dog Story

I'm blogging today about my recent crazy dog day. First, you have to understand that I lost my
fifteen-year-old Golden Retriever/Lab mix last year. She was our love. It was a devastating blow to our entire family. Boudreaux, our remaining love, a five-year-old Italian water dog (Lagotto Romagnolo) misses her as much as we do. Boudreaux has some anxiety/fear-aggressive issues with the groomer and vet's office, so we normally have his exams and vaccines handled when he's under general anesthesia during grooming. Yes, I said general anesthesia. Besides this little issue, Boudreaux is a smart, friendly, and extremely affectionate family member. But he needs a pack.

I applied to a local pet adoption rescue in our area after trying the county animal shelter. Most at the shelter were pit bull rescues or puppies. We simply don't want to take a chance on an adult pit bull, and we don't want a puppy. The rescue asked for a vet referral. They called and told me I was likely going to be denied because I couldn't prove I'd purchased enough heart worm meds for Boudreaux, and that Boudreaux wasn't up to date on his vaccines. I told them I was using my other dog's meds who'd passed. And previously some given to me by a friend whose dog had recently passed. BTW, that stuff is quite expensive. I also believed that Boudreaux had received his vaccines the last time we'd had him groomed. The vet neglected to tell me they'd not given them to him, as they wanted to check some blood work. With Boudreaux's behavior, neither of us had much chance to discuss anything. The goal is usually to get him home as soon as possible after he's done...but they never told me he hadn't received his vaccines.

I was upset at the idea of being a bad doggie mom, so I loaded him up, called the former vet I'd used prior to the grooming, and brought him right over. Poor Boudreaux. I let the judgmental, pissy, shaming pet rescue worker push me into acting before taking the time to think through a plan of action. Boudreaux's anxiety caused him to fight the workers hard enough to pull a muscle in his leg, bite his tongue and bleed for hours, and then poop and pee all over himself. He was only a couple months over due for these vaccines. But you'd have thought I'd left him outdoors in sub-freezing temps to starve, the way I was spoken to and treated. If I can't be trusted with saving an animal, then who? My dog is healthy, well-cared for, heart worm negative, and besides HATING going away to the groomer or vet, a real sweetheart. Do they want me to buy a puppy from a breeder instead? I told him I was trying to save an animal instead. He hung up on me when I suggested he not try and shame me.

I've also managed to raise three rather well-adjusted kids thus far. I really do think kids are harder in most cases.

Then, to top off the day, I was rear-ended by Pokemon Go hunters. No damage, but Geez!

I hope everyone is having a fantastic summer!!


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Nova said...

so sorry to hear of your troubles, losses and all...the puppy is SO cute.