Friday, August 19, 2016

Maggie Marr - Good-bye Sweet Summer

The end of summer is here, at least at my house. This week the kidlets returned to school and I've returned to my routine. Or the beginning of what will become my routine. I wasn't ready for summer to end this year. I enjoy the long-lazy days with children home from school. While I still have work and deadlines the pressures of the kids' activities and school projects was off and that provides a lovely respite from the daily carpool grind. 

As I gear up for fall, I look forward to what is coming up for me. 

August 29th A Forbidden Love publishes.

A Forbidden Love is the 9th book in my Eligible Billionaires Series and the 4th (and final) book about The Travati Brothers. I've fallen for the Travati brothers--each and every one. Sexy, strong, business-men who were completely ungettable until the *right* woman came alone. Devon is no different. He, too, doesn't believe that he'll find his happily-ever-after nor is he looking as he tries to piece his life back together after testifying against a Russian mobster and putting his and all the members of his family's lives at risk. No, Devon, is in no place to find love but of course, that's when Ilana walks into his life. She too isn't looking for love. She is starting her first business, The Children's Enrichment Center, and still getting over the death of her mother. Definitely not the time to start a romance. Ah...but love has a mind of it's own!

Then, in September, book one in my *new* Hollywood Hitman Series arrives. Beck is the first book in the series and while I can't show you the cover yet, I can tell you that I love love love this book! I also love the series.  

Hollywood starlet, Natalie Warner is in danger, and she can't ignore the risk any longer.  Her latest film is on track as the biggest box office hit for the summer, but someone doesn't care about the numbers. Instead, someone is after her. The Studio refuses to brush the threat under the rug, forcing Natalie to take on a bodyguard, but that bodyguard comes in the shape of rugged, irresistible Beck Tatum.

Beck is an anomaly, a riddle without a punch line.  Uncertain of what part of the government he worked for before he lost the only woman he ever loved, along with his memory, he struggles to put his past in order.  Now, with a second chance to prove his worth, Beck is assigned to protect a high-value asset.  Rich and entitled, but yet kind and vulnerable, Natalie isn't the spoiled, rich woman he expected.  But falling for her would put her life on the line.  And Beck is't about to lose anything else. 

Beck is available for pre-order at iBooks

Next up is Jax, book 2 in my Hollywood Hitman series and my Christmas story which will be part of a multi-author anthology. Yes, it's going to be a *fabulous* fall!


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