Thursday, October 22, 2015

The Time, the Place by Joanne Walsh

As a reader, editor and writer of books, I’ve always found that backdrops and settings are important to me.  I’m a lover of context—of place, time and even seasons—and also of atmosphere. When textures and flavours, period details and neat social observations provide an effective and rich yet unobtrusive background that tunes into the senses, anchoring, enhancing and even explaining the characters and their storyline, it’s such a satisfying experience.

I write romance and I find seasons and holidays make great components in relationship stories. Spring is for creating a fresh, blossoming romance that ends in a wedding, while a sultry summer setting is perfect for a passionate affair.  Fall acts a symbolic backdrop for relationships that are rekindled: it’s a time of reflection or a last bout of golden-ness as the year begins to die. While Thanksgiving, Christmas and the New Year offer the best opportunities for getting together and the most romantic scenes of all when it comes to proposals!

My latest novella, Taming the Italian Bad Boy, is set mostly in summertime on the beautiful Sorrento coast—with lots of opportunity to explore the delicious scenery, architecture and cuisine of the area, while also experiencing a sizzling romance under a hot sun (with a gorgeous Italian hero for extra spice)—and it ends happily on November 5th in England, during the traditional celebration of Bonfire Night: there are fireworks galore!

Taming the Italian Bad Boy by Joanne Walsh is available on digital platforms now.

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dstoutholcomb said...

I've read about Guy Fawkes Night in stories.