Friday, March 20, 2015

This and That and Another Thing, Too!

Did you ever feel as though you've fallen off the face of the earth? LOL - it's been a crazy time in the Brisbin house and world since December. I realized that I never posted a blog in January or February!

In my defense, January was a lost month -- I barely had time to welcome and enjoy the new grandbaby and, boom!, I was deep into a deadline-binge-o-writing, finally finishing the book that will come out in October. As I've said before, pulling overnighters is really only for the young and it takes this old person a loooong time to recover from that! And gosh, I really appreciate the efforts of my hairstylist in helping to cover all the gray hairs that seem to pop out from all that stress! The good news is that I simply LOVE the story I created -- Raging Sea is a fast-paced, magical, mystical romance set in Orkney and I can't wait until you all can read it.... Take a look at this stunning cover >>>>

February? Gosh, I can't even remember February at all! I think I spent it working on revisions and trying to catch up with everything I had put aside until after my deadline.... I think....? OH, and I read romances -- I judge the RWA RITA contest so I had a bunch of romances to read and judge in February.  This is THE prestigious romance novel contest and the finalists are announced next week - I can't wait to see if any of the books I read make it into that final round or possibly win!

Oh, February! Now I remember!

Since I had two romances scheduled for release THIS month, I spent lots of time getting ready for those releases, re-energizing my newsletter (why, yes, I do have one!), setting up signings and events and writing....blogs. And running contests. And preparing blogs. And chat visits.

THAT'S where February went!

   Now it's March. . . heck, it's already halfway through March and Spring begins tomorrow at 6:45pm EDT. In my area, a snowstorm is sweeping it in to greet it! And, I'm about to start heavy writing on the next book. And about to get out of town to some dental board assignments (a Spring tradition) and to some romance reader events (another Spring tradition).

And somewhere in the continuing craziness, I'll find time to spend with my little grandbaby girl -- she's growing and changing with every day and is developing a lovely laugh. You know the kind -- it begins in a baby's toes, ripples through their body and comes out of their mouth...And it changes her whole body and makes everyone smile...!

So -- what have you been up to lately? Doing anything fun? Reading anything good you can suggest? Celebrating Spring in any particular way? Or are you lamenting winter's departure?  Share a tidbit or suggestion with me please!!

Terri IS busy writing and chatting and signing and running around like a madwomen through March! Visit her website for more info on all that or to sign up for her newsletter (which keeps you up-to-date with everything Terri Brisbin!). Happy Spring, everyone!

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dstoutholcomb said...

Brrr. I have snow! And it's supposed to be Spring today!