Monday, February 17, 2014

Got ghosts? By Cat Devon

After writing about ghosts in my latest vampire romance, LOVE YOUR ENTITY (out now), I’m often asked if I believe they really exist.  The answer isn’t a simple yes or no for me. I do think spirits exist and that there are instances that can’t be explained.

The next question I get is usually, have I ever seen a ghost. Not exactly. I’ve been on a Chicago area ghost tour and found the stories intriguing. We visited several locations including a cemetery. But I didn’t sense anything out of the ordinary.

However when I visited Tintern Abbey in Wales, I could feel the spirits there even though the only thing left were a few walls and no roof. King Henry VIII had destroyed the abbey. I had the sense there was something present. If only the walls could talk…

The same has happened at other historic places like Savannah, Georgia where the portrait of a woman in a historic house stopped me. It was as if I knew her. And then there was the Oak Alley plantation where I sensed something in the mansion and also on the grounds where we stayed overnight. Spooky stuff, hmm?

 My top three ghosts in the entertainment world are these:

3) THE GHOST AND MRS. MUIR – love his accent and her spunkiness.

2) Annie in the BBC version of BEING HUMAN. She loves making tea even if she can’t drink it herself and she’s very protective of the vampire and werewolf who share the house with her.

1) Patrick Swayze in GHOST. That pottery making scene, their hands intertwined, the sound of UNCHAINED MELODY playing. Sigh.

I had such fun writing about Ruby the ghost in my book LOVE YOUR ENTITY. While she said some great lines, there were also emotional moments and I actually cried while writing the final scene with her.  
What about you?  Do you believe in ghosts or spirits?  Yes, no or maybe?  Leave a comment for a chance to win a copy of my new book!

Love Your Entity:
All Sierra Brennan has to do to inherit her great-uncle’s house is reside on the premises for thirty consecutive days.  A piece of cake, even with the rumors the house is haunted. After all, as a ghost whisperer Sierra is no stranger to ghostly presences. However, Sierra wasn’t prepared for vampire Ronan McCoy.

Ronan spent the past century as an indentured vampire, and now that his freedom has been achieved he’s returned to his family home to free his sister from the curse put on her by Ronan’s sire. When Sierra walks through the door and refuses to leave, Ronan finds himself stuck with an unexpected complication.

Both Sierra and Ronan are far from pleased about the prospect of sharing the house, until the ghosts haunting it turn out to be both more than Sierra bargained for and the key to freeing Ronan’s sister from her curse. Sierra needs Ronan’s protection from the ghosts. Ronan needs Sierra’s help to save his sister. And then there's the sexual attraction between Sierra and Ronan...

Can a ghost whisperer find happiness with a vampire, or will their worlds collide and destroy them both?


Martha Lawson said...

I think anything is possible! So I would say yes to the ghosts, even though I've never encountered one.

Mary Preston said...

I actually do believe because my Mother has seen a ghost & this is not a woman given to flights of fancy. She woke up one night to see a child in a long nightgown standing in the room. In the blink of an eye the girl was gone. My Mother said she was not afraid.

Lil said...

I am open to the idea of ghosts but have never experienced them myself.

little lamb lst at yahoo dot com

Eli Yanti said...

Yes I believe it even I never saw them and hope never saw them but sometimes I hear the voice as like person bathing in middle of night, our washing plate etc