Thursday, February 06, 2014

Addison Fox: Getting The Love Back

With the “Big Game” already fading to memory, I thought I’d take a moment to touch on the other “big game” – the commercials. I’ve worked in advertising and marketing for nearly two decades and nothing elicits more excitement, criticism and sheer ego in my day job than the annual discussion around the Superbowl spots.

What struck me this year was what I believed was the missed opportunity in several of them. In marketers’ rush to warm our hearts with puppies, ponies and babies, something got lost for me. Has the heart gone out of those spots? Or have I seen behind the curtain and understand that the Wizard is really only a small man with a big microphone?

Writing can often be that way. For writers there is a journey from reader to writer and often, the road back to reader again can be a challenge. As you learn the craft of writing, it can be difficult to turn off your internal editor and give someone else’s words a chance. The great irony is that it’s the joy of reading that often refills the writer’s well. As people who are drawn to the written word and the art of storytelling, not reading can be as detrimental to our careers as not writing.

So how do you forget you know what’s behind the curtain?

When I have a reading stretch that’s not exciting me – for whatever reason – I’ve started to go back to books I’ve read that have left something of themselves behind. It’s amazing how sinking myself into an old favorite can turn off my internal editor and give my storytelling side the opportunity to soak it in.

The second thing I try to do is stop and switch genres. As someone who doesn’t write thrillers or urban fantasy or YA, I often find reading those genres helps me clear out the editor cobwebs so I can sit back and simply enjoy the story.

And finally, a quick binge can often be the kick I need to get back into the groove. I’ve always been a person who gets rather grumpy if I’ve gone too long without reading a book, but just there’s nothing like blowing through several books in a few days. Lazy afternoons on the couch and late nights in bed, soaking in words at a fevered pace, can often be just the thing to turn the editor off and let my reader side have free reign.

So what about you? Do you have times where reading becomes less enjoyable? And if so, what do you do to get the magic back?

Thanks for joining me today!

Despite early ambitions of being a diver, a drummer or a doctor, Addison Fox happily discovered she was more suited to life as a writer. She lives in Dallas and - thankfully - doesn't have to operate on anyone. You can find her at her home on the web at Her latest book, THE BILLIONAIRE’S DEMANDS, is out in February from Entangled Indulgence.

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Eli Yanti said...

Yes, sometimes it's happen to me. So bf I got bore or less enjoyable to read I like to switch genre book I read. But if I really got bore reading, I will take a rest and listening music