Friday, October 11, 2013

Half-Price Halloween!

by Anna Campbell

No, pumpkins haven't suddenly had a price drop!

To celebrate this special month when things go bump in the night, I've got my Regency Ghost Romance, THESE HAUNTED HEARTS, on special at only 99 cents until witching hour on the 31st October.

So if you're looking for a romantic read with a couple of ghosts involved in the love story, may I humbly recommend THESE HAUNTED HEARTS to your attention?

If you'd like more info, here's a link to the blurb and an excerpt:

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Actually Halloween isn't a huge deal here in Australia where I live. In the Dark Ages, when I grew up, it passed completely uncommemorated.

I think part of the reason is that seasonally we're heading into spring so the harvest festival element of Halloween means absolutely nothing down here. As a kid, I remember watching shows like THE BRADY BUNCH and being totally fascinated by the exotic celebrations with pumpkin lanterns and kids going trick or treating.

Because of films and TV, there's a minor celebration now. I've been to a few Halloween parties in my time which have given everyone a good excuse to dress up and be silly. Occasionally the little kids in the neighborhood will do trick or treating. There are some very sad pre-made Halloween costumes in one dusty corner of the grocery store for a couple of weeks in October.

All fairly half-hearted frankly.

I think it would be great fun to be in America and see it done properly. I have a friend who goes to enormous trouble, including building a fake graveyard in her front garden. Her kids love it!

So where do you stand on Halloween? Huzzah or myeh? Any Halloweeny plans for this year? 

I'm away at a writing convention this weekend but I'll get back to answer comments as I can. I'm doing a panel on historical research - now THAT's scary!


Pat Cochran said...

My interest in Halloween and trick-or-treating has definitely passed on to the next
generation. DD1 has said that Halloween is her favorite "holiday," almost more than
Christmas! I'm the family member who does the decorating with pumpkins, spider
webs with spiders all over, Halloween lighting, and a burial ground with tombstones
in the front yard! I'm the one who drags out her old, long black dress, plops her
plain witch hat on her mussed-up hair and does the treat giveaway duty! I'm also
the one who practices her witch's cackle to be ready for the big evening!

Linda Henderson said...

Halloween is my favorite holiday so I still really enjoy it. Now I get to enjoy it with my grandkids. My 10 year old grandson doesn't want to dress up this year. He has Aspergers and really doesn't enjoy that kind of thing. He doesn't eat much candy either.

Connie said...

Hi, Anna! We live in a condo and just don’t get any little kids for Halloween. It’s fun to join in with some of the neighbors who have little kids. They always have a neighborhood party and we participate and help for awhile until the sugar high hits the kiddies and the noise level gets overwhelmng. Then, we sneak out back to our QUIET little home. Hee-Hee!!

Congratulations on “The Haunted Hearts.” I’m looking forward to reading it.

Anna Campbell said...

Wow, Pat, that sounds like great fun! Love it when people get into the spirit of things.

Anna Campbell said...

Linda, I think not eating much candy might be a good thing long-term!

Anna Campbell said...

Thanks for the congrats, Connie. Halloween seemed a perfect opportunity to give it some extra promotion. Oh, I hear you on how lovely it is to go to a noisy party and how extra lovely it is to retreat to a lovely quiet space!

kipha said...

Oh How great is this! Halloween, I've enjoyed it as a child and still very much like it now. (mostly the candies) But my family used to decorate our front yard with pieces of arms, legs, some hands and feet, and a head along with a grave stone. Add in a fog machine and some creepy noises and blinking red lights and we're ready for the children! But of course, I'm always the only one dressed up to pass out the candies.