Saturday, June 23, 2012

I Haven’t Got You, Babe by Darlene Gardner

I might be too much of a romantic.

It’s a helpful quality for a romance writer but not so much in day-to-day life.

I actually gasped aloud when I read earlier this week that Johnny Depp was separating from French singer/actress Vanessa Paradis after fourteen years and two children. Never mind that I’d count neither celebrity as one of my favorites.

Break-ups pain me. Obviously they don’t even need to involve people I know personally.
I’ve suffered from this affliction since 1974 when Sonny and Cher divorced. I used to love how they ended every episode of their variety show by singing I Got You Babe. My father laughed when I told him how cute the couple was together, how devoted. “They’ll be divorced before long,” he said.

“Never!” I cried.

 My father turned out to be right. Sniff.

San Antonio Spurs guard Tony Parker tops the list of my least favorite NBA players after he and actress Eva Longoria divorced after three years of marriage. I’d seen the couple on the Oprah show when they were engaged and she’d seemed so in love with him. So, naturally, I assumed the divorce shattered her.

“She’s an actress,” my husband replied when I told him this. “You don’t know how she really felt about him.’

Yes, I do.

I must admit, however, that I’ve been duped by a lot of couples I thought would live happily ever after. Tipper and Al Gore, divorced after forty years of marriage and four children. Supermodel Heidi Klum and singer Seal, divorced after seven years and three kids. And Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins, the parents of two sons who were together for twenty-three years. Sarandon told a London newspaper that fans would stop her on the street after they split and say they wept when they heard the news.

I can relate.

Thankfully, there are also Hollywood success stories. Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward. Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson. Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn. Will and Jada Pinkett Smith (say the rumors of Splitsville aren’t so!)

Love is so vital to happiness I want everyone to have it, even celebrities. And I never want love to end. How about you? Has any celebrity break-up affected you? Please tell me I’m not alone in this.

Darlene Gardner is the author of more than thirty books ranging from emotionally charged family dramas to romantic comedies. She’s currently writing for Harlequin Superromance and self publishing eBooks from her backlist. She’ll have a September release from Superromance titled The Truth About Tara. Visit Darlene on the web at


Pat Cochran said...

Can't say that I've been upset by any
celebrity marriage break-ups. Just
the fact that they have transient careers and lives does not bode well for lengthy marriages. I don't count
"royals" as being on the same level
as entertainers. I was concerned by
the Charles/Diana breakup, especially
after I found out about his keeping
a mistress all that time. To go to
her the night before the wedding...
Aaaak! I know, not my business! I'll
just keep focusing on my 51 year
marriage! And being proud of my two
children who each have been married
to their spouses for 21 years!

Pat C.

Darlene Gardner said...

You're a smart woman, Pat! Congrats on the long marriage. You're a great example for your kids. I've been married for twenty eight years myself.

Barbara E. said...

I'm right there with you. I was very sad when I read that Johnny and Vanessa had split, their relationship seemed so happy and stable, and Susan and Tim's split was very sad too. I don't get too upset over short term relationships that don't work out, but those long term ones, with children involved are really sad. Of course when I hear of non-celebrities splitting up, I'm saddened as well, I just don't hear about them as much. :D

marybelle said...

It's sad when any relationship breaks up. It must be more so to do it in public.

Dina said...

I was surprised with a few long breakups, but thinking they just grew apart like us folks, sad though,

ev said...

Focus on the positive. Look how long Martin Short and his wife were married before she died of ovarian cancer. (the positive is that he still considers himself married) David Bowie and Iman have been married since 1992. I think the success depends on how much each person is willing to ignore all the crap that gets said and not let it effect them.

How do Angie and Brad do it? They need to bottle it. I can think of no other power couple that is in the news as much as they are. Maybe because they are in France a good part of the time where the laws are different and they actually have some privacy?

emaginette said...

I guess they're people too. :-)

S.P. Laws said...
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S.P. Laws said...

Great article- I often wonder how many of these holywood couples are braught together by agents or true love.