Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Where Did Winter Go?

I'm not sure how it happened, but clearly winter has decided to skip southern NJ and go to other parts of the country instead. As I write this, a MAJOR winter snowstorm/blizzard is heading for Seattle. . . SEATTLE? Around here? Well, after a Halloween weekend surprise snow, we've had nothing! I am seriously not happy. Then my azalea bushes began to bud and three blossoms even showed up a day later. 65 degrees in December is simply not acceptable.

It's this time of year that I get at least a couple of wonderful, hunker-down reading days during snowstorms or just after it. I make a nice pot of tea and curl up with a good book. . . or two or three. If the weather is really bad, I could spend two whole days on the couch. Ah, those are good times.

Not this year -- 2011 has slipped into 2012 and there's no sign of winter! Spring will bring its flowers and nice(r) weather and outside activities and I will have missed my significant winter reading time.

So, at this point I'm hanging my hat on the only guilt-free reading day that's possible -- I've been called for jury duty next week. Since it can be difficult or inconvenient to bring my laptop and attempt to get some writing done, I can only bring along a book or two and simply sit and read through the day while waiting to be called to the courtroom.

Either way -- it's pretty bad when I have to rely on winter storms or jury duty to get some quality reading time for myself! LOL!

How about you? How do you carve out reading time for yourself? Is it weather-related (more or less in winter or summer)? Is it job-related? Some other way? Post a note and I'll be choosing two commentors to each receive a copy of the special Mills & Boon release - ROYAL WEDDINGS THROUGH THE AGES - an anthology of seven stories about historical royal weddings. (It's only being released in the UK so it is SPECIAL!)

Terri is working on her next Harlequin Historical release (returning to the MacLerie Clan in the Highlands of Scotland!) while re-publishing her first four books that include 3 time-travel romances and one historical. Visit her website for all kinds of info about her and her books and events!


kooks said...

Would love to receive a copy of your book. Its definately my sort of reading, and would be a cherished addition to my book collection

Eli Yanti said...

Hi Terri,

I like reading book so every night i will give my self about 2-3 hours to read a book and it's not depend on weather and since i'm working from 08.00 upto 17.00 so i only can read book at night ;)

love to win your book

thank you

ev said...

I get most of my reading done at work. Don't tell anyone. It's the type of job where there is lots of "quiet" time. Although I'm supposed to be doing something else then. Shhhh....

Alison said...

I travel a lot, so I pack books (proper ones, with pages!) to read then.

Maureen said...

It is hard to find time to read but there are times that I just decide that I am giving myself some reading time.
mce1011 AT aol DOT com

Di said...

I think you'll be getting your wish Thursday & Saturday when they are predicting snow. I'm in NJ too, but about an hour west of NYC & have been quite happy not to have the snow after that nasty October storm which took down so many tree limbs & put a hole in my roof. I don't wait for snow to call a reading holiday - a gray rainy day is good enough for me (& then I don't have to spend part of that day shoveling).

sallans d at yahoo dot com

runner10 said...

I like to spend 30minutes before bedtime to read. it helps me unwind.

Kaelee said...

I read at bedtime as well. But I also read in any spare moment I have. There are quite a few moments when I should be doing something else but I'm reading. Reading for me is almost as necessary as breathing. I'm so happy there are a lot of authors out there writing books to feed my habit.

The Brunette Librarian said...

I am a read whenever possible kind of person. I read as soon as I wake up for about 30 minutes, I read before I go to sleep, I usually read for a while after I get home and I love to read during my lunch when I can. The nook has made it much easier to take and go so I can read anywhere. :)

Wonderful post, I always love hearing about the different reading patterns of other readers!

marybelle said...

My reading time fits around LIFE. I read when I can. The seasons really play no great part.